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With roles, users, forum structure and threads migrated, we can now add posts to the threads with something like...

class vBulletinPostMigration extends Migration {
  public function __construct() {
    $this->description = t('Migrate vBulletin forum posts');

    // Set the source table's primary key
    $this->map = new MigrateSQLMap(
        'postid' => array(
          'type' => 'int',
          'unsigned' => TRUE,
          'not null' => TRUE,
          'description' => 'vBulletin forum posts',
          'alias' => 'p',

    // Set the query to get the source object
    $query = Database::getConnection('default', 'for_forum_migration')
      ->select('post', 'p')
      ->fields('p', array(

    // D7 thread includes the first post as it's body, so join with the post table and do not the first post for each thread

    $query->join('thread', 't', 't.threadid = p.threadid AND p.postid != t.firstpostid');
    // This sort ensures that post parents are saved before children.

    $query->orderBy('dateline', 'ASC');
    $count_query = Database::getConnection('default', 'for_forum_migration')
                ->select('post', 'p');
    $count_query->addExpression('COUNT(postid)', 'cnt');

    $this->source = new MigrateSourceSQL($query, array(), $count_query, array('map_joinable' => FALSE));

    // Define the destination as the D7 comment

    $this->destination = new MigrateDestinationComment('comment_node_forum');

    // Map fields from vBulletin posts to D7 forum comments

    $this->addFieldMapping('nid', 'threadid')

    $this->addFieldMapping('name', 'username');

    $this->addFieldMapping('uid', 'userid')

    $this->addFieldMapping('thread', 'title')

    $this->addFieldMapping('subject', 'title')

    $this->addFieldMapping('created', 'dateline');

    $this->addFieldMapping('changed', 'dateline');

    $this->addFieldMapping('status', 'visible');

    $this->addFieldMapping('hostname', 'ipaddress');

    $this->addFieldMapping('comment_body', 'pagetext');

    //Do not map the following source fields
    $this->addFieldMapping(NULL, 'allowsmilie') ->description(t('Not a setting per comment in D7'))
    $this->addFieldMapping(NULL, 'showsignature') ->description(t('Set at roles level in D7'))
    $this->addFieldMapping(NULL, 'iconid') ->description(t('Not used in vBulletin or D7'))
    $this->addFieldMapping(NULL, 'attach') ->description(t('Set at content type level in D7'))
    $this->addFieldMapping(NULL, 'infraction') ->description(t('Not used in vBulleton or D7'))
    $this->addFieldMapping(NULL, 'reportthreadid') ->description(t('Not used in D7'))
    $this->addFieldMapping(NULL, 'parentid') ->description(t('No parentid as I want thread posts to be linear rather than threaded in D7'))

    // Unmapped destination fields

    $this->addFieldMapping('pid') ->description(t('Want linear rather than threaded threads so pid not used in D7'))
    $this->addFieldMapping('mail') ->description(t('No anonymous comments in vBulletin and email set at user level in D7'))
    $this->addFieldMapping('homepage') ->description(t('No anonymous comments in vBulletin and homepage set at user level in D7'))
    $this->addFieldMapping('language') ->description(t('Language set at site level in D7'))

    // D7 comment subject titles need to be trimmed to a max of 50 characters

  public function prepareRow(stdClass $row) {
    if (drupal_strlen($row->title) > 50) {
      $row->title = drupal_substr($row->subject, 0, 50) . '...';

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