Last updated 18 December 2016.

What's a good task?

This section is intended to be a way for people who have never contributed to the Drupal project to quickly find a task to work on. A good task:

  • Takes about an hour (or less) to complete
  • Is interesting and engaging (we don't want to drive potential contributors away with boring or tedious tasks)
  • Acquaints a new contributor with our established processes and procedures
  • Can be completed independently (at least by some new contributors; others may need some level of help on IRC)
  • Contains all the information needed to complete it (see template below)

List of tasks to write up

If you have an idea for a good task for new contributors that hasn't yet been added to this section, please add it (instructions below)! If you don't have time to create a task page, you can add your idea to the list of tasks to be written up. If you want to write up a task but don't have an idea, check that page to find one to write up.

How to add a new task

Here are the steps to follow when adding a new task:

  1. Go to the appropriate sub-section. If an appropriate sub-section does not exist, you can create one (click Add Child Page on the top-level new contributor tasks page -- use a similar naming convention for the sub-section page if you do that, and copy the text from the Programmers or Writers sub-section page as a model of what to put on your new sub-section page).
  2. Click "Add child page" at the bottom of the sub-section page.
  3. For the title, follow this model: "Contributor task: Create a patch for a Drupal Core issue"
  4. Select the appropriate values for the Level and Audience taxonomy terms
  5. Use this template to create the body of your task:
    On this page:
    <li><a href="#goal">Goal</a></li>
    <li><a href="#skills">Skills needed</a></li>
    <li><a href="#steps">Detailed steps</a></li>
    <li><a href="#background">Background and reference information</a></li>
    <li><a href="#next">Next steps: moving beyond this task</a></li>
    To get help completing this task, see the <a href="/node/1469152">Getting help completing your task</a> page.
    <h2 id="goal">Goal</h2>
    (Short overview of what the task will accomplish)
    <h2 id="skills">Skills needed</h2>
    (List of skills someone would need to complete the task)
    <h2 id="steps">Detailed steps</h2>
    (All the steps necessary to complete the task. If they are detailed elsewhere, you can provide a link instead of the actual steps)
    <h2 id="background">Background and reference information</h2>
    (Links to information that new contributors might not know, that is necessary to complete the task)
    <h2 id="next">Next steps: moving beyond this task</h2>
    (Ideas and links for how to get move involved in contributing beyond this simple task)
    <h2 id="reviewers">Notes for reviewers and mentors</h2>
    (Specific recommended points for task reviewers or mentors to check in a newer contributor's work.)
  6. Add to help section of the New Contributors landing page if there are ways of getting help on this task and related tasks that are not included, such as an Office Hours time for your group.

Getting a nice page alias name for the new section

Ping YesCT in IRC with the URL or ask in #drupal-contribute for someone to make an alias or file a webmaster issue with your suggested alias and URL to the page you are creating.

Finally, update the index page

Please manually edit the main index page with your new section.