When attempting to play back sfwtools files, such as mp3's, I get 'File Not Found' errors when trying to play the file. The mp3 plays fine the first time I play it, but when returning to the page, it displays the 'File Not Found' error. The files are uploaded successfully and appear to be in the right directory. The watchdog displays:

'FileField was trying to display the file 'sites/default/files/shane_1.mp3, but it does not exist'.

The mp3 file is in the directory and a working downloadable link is displayed below the player, its just that the player cannot find the file. I am using the PathAuto and Transliteration modules also. I should also point out that I am running Drupal locally on Win7 with XAMPP, would being on a dedicated linux webhost perhaps fix these issues?

I sincerely appreciate any assistance you can offer.

All my thanks,


File not found.PNG2.54 KBmoosh101