I am creating this bug report after not getting a solution on reading:

Since D7.0, I am still having the problem on D7.10.

I wil sum up what I reported on http://drupal.org/node/842620

I am using Drupal 7.10 on two environments: (1) Debian Linux test server using root for everything and (2) hosted sites on third-party companies all using Linux limited users.
Drupal 7 update manager works correctly on situation 1.
On situation 2, I got the message below:
•Error installing / updating
•File Transfer failed, reason: Unable to change to directory /sites/all/modules/pathauto.

Are limited users provided by host companies a problem to this update method?
MySQL user and Hosting/SSH/FTP user are different names/passwords. Does it matter?
www/sites/all/modules/ is drwxr-xr-x. Should it be 777?

Is it possible these scripts provide username, password, source path, source file, source path permission, source file permission, destiny path, destiny file, destiny path permission, destiny file permission, error on reading or writing and any more information to help developers to identify and solve the problem when we report here?

If any one can provide this hack, I can test on the sites where I have the problem always happening.

Since 01/07/2010, it is more than 18 months. I insist on this feature because Drupal 7 release has a focus on user experience, accesibility and usability of the system to make it easier to use.
I volunteer myself to make tests on some environments where the problem happens to provide debug info or hints.
Can you provide hacks or scripts to make those tests?
Maybe, it would also be good if the patch inform os (operacional system: Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc), total ram, free ram, free space on disk, etc.
VeryCool78, I tried both users www-data and apache, but the hosting service uses a different username and does not inform which is... they said I have to work with my own regular user since it works perfectly on any ssh and ftp program (it really works!). They also said this a Drupal's update tool problem that does not happen on Wordpress update tool.
Staratel, thanks for your help. I will check the modules you informed.

But I still believe that Update Module itself should provide more information to help administrators that are not php developers and cannot debug the sources to solve the problem or at least help those administrators to fill up bugreports with all needed information to identify and fix the problem.

I believe that important part of the problem is that I do not have control over apache, ftp, etc servers because my site is hosted on a third party hosting company.

What information could I provide to help solving this out?


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This is a duplicate of #842620: Update manager can't install modules using FTP due broken FileTransferAuthorizeForm, just because there isn't a solution to that issue yet, does not mean we need a second bug report, it just makes it harder for anyone who might work on the issue or provide information about the bug to know where to post it.