I am finding certain blocks are not moving in CorporateClean. Specifically the user login and search blocks. Neither will move from their current regions. Nor will anything populate to the 'Search' region in the upper right. I have not experienced this with other themes. I checked page.tpl.php and the indicated blocks do not appear hard-coded in there or anything. What might be my issue?

I just tried clearing my cache twice and then moved the user login block to the sidebar right, and it is still in bottom footer left region. I really like the look and feel of Corporate Clean, excepting this one super-critical issue of being able to control where certain blocks are.

Any ideas as to whether I am causing this through some other setting? Thanks-


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Ok, so I figured out how I can get around the user login block, I will create a custom login block, and disable the existing user login block in appearance/settings. I cannot figure out how I can move the search form elsewhere however. Must I disable that create a custom one myself as well?

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Could you explain in detail how you worked with the user login block? I am trying to move it to the header and have the text boxes be horizontally next to each other.
I can't figure out how to move the search text box either. I would like to have it be part of the header area.

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Is this corrected in the latest version? Let us know if not. Closing for now.

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I can't even see the user login box settings in appearance/settings. Am I blind?

EDIT: I'm on 7x-2.0