In the Thickbox module, the main *.js file, thickbox.js does not account for image urls created in drupal, e.g. via /image/view/2321/preview instead of /image.jpg (or *gif or *png). If thickbox.js does not see the file name itself (gif, jpg, png, jpeg) in the link anchor tag (the [a href ...] tag), it will treat the image like another mime type that is not an image. This causes Thickbox to spit out God-awful garbage on top of your page instead of a cool shadowbox (lightbox) effect.

To work around, one needs to modify line 53 of /modules/thickbox/thinkbox.js, by adding " || urlType == '/preview' " to the list of choices in order to make thickbox.js believe in its heart that a Drupal-encoded image link is in fact an image and not an imposter.

Assuming your image size is "preview," change line 53 from:

if(urlType == '.jpg' || urlType == '.jpeg' || urlType == '.png' || urlType == '.gif' || urlType == '.bmp' ){//code to show images

to this:

if(urlType == '.jpg' || urlType == '.jpeg' || urlType == '.png' || urlType == '.gif' || urlType == '.bmp' || urlType == '/preview'){//code to show images

Also, modify line 50 to this:

var urlString = /\.jpg|\.jpeg|\.png|\.gif|\.bmp|\/preview/g;

(substitute "/preview" for "/thumbnail," "/quarter," or whatever you configured your image module to create (and name) various sizes.

Joe Hyde

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I have that same error, but am not able to fix it using the suggested work-around.

I use this code in one of my nodes:

<a href="/image/view/816/preview" class="thickbox">
 <img src="/image/view/816/thumbnail"/>

An have altered /modules/thickbox/thickbox.js line 50:

     var urlString = /\.jpg|\.jpeg|\.png|\.gif|\.bmp|\/preview/g;

And have altered that same file line 53:

if(urlType == '.jpg' || urlType == '.jpeg' || urlType == '.png' || urlType == '.gif' || urlType == '.bmp' || urlType == '/preview'){//code to show images

This does not solve the problem for me, although the symptoms are the same; it does dim the site, but prints garbage at the bottom of the page.

Attached you will find a screenshot of what I see; the top is the grayed area, and the bottom it the garbage.

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My problems are solved after flushing the browser cache. So, this workaround does work.

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Priority: Normal » Critical

While the workaround is a solution for individual users, countless other users will be put off by it and go to other solutions. Therefore I am marking this as a critical bug and I hope the workaround will be built into a new release as soon as humanly possible.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)