Release info

Created by: KarenS
Created on: January 11, 2012 - 12:43
Last updated: January 11, 2012 - 17:45
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

Version 6.2.8
Fixes SA-CONTRIB-2012-004

- Make sure the value passed to set the starting nid for converting events is an integer.
- Explicitly turn 'date_popup_timepicker' to 'none' in tests to avoid Date Popup test failures.
- Issue #1300274, Backport all the fixes for date_repeat_build_dates() from D7 so additions will work right in PHP 5.3.
- Issue #1130814, Backport all the fixes for Date Repeat Calc from D7 so PHP 5.3 will work right and tests will pass.
- Issue #1391374 & #1302052 by benjifisher, CRLF line endings cause problems with git apply
- Issue #1101284 by pfournier, Expand regex for Month names to catch more possible variations.
- Issue #1086100 by ayalon, Group Multiple Value functionality is broken
- Issue #752550 by Fonant, Week number gets printed twice
- Issue #1038482 by somanyfish, iCal import failing due to colon instead of semi-colon
- Issue #1052586 by jpsolero, Problem with Date API when using Calendar with argument set to "Week" granularity and "current date" default argument
- Issue #307274 by ksenzee and arlinsandbulte: Limit the selectable date range using absolute values instead of only the relative Years back and forward:
- Issue #742146, Add option to remove X-WR-CALNAME if VEVENT is not a feed.
- Add option to change method from PUBLISH to REQUEST in VCALENDAR.
- Issue #1087798 by anj, Fix X-WR-CALNAME in VCALENDAR.
- Issue #1017866 by KarenS and Jason89s, Make sure views argument and filter don't do timezone adjustment for dates that don't have time.
- Issue #1204988 by paulsheldrake, Remove IE6 code from 1.7 datepicker CSS.
- Issue #1159404 by mikeryan, Fix incorrect call to parse an rrule in date_repeat_build_dates().
- Issue #1160614 by joelstein, Make sure date repeat rule gets split correctly no matter which line endings were used.
- #1018412 by omerida: get_class() called without object
- #1054458: Move date_increment_round() function into Date API module so it is always available.
- #745074, by rsevero: Don't test for valid timezone-adjusted date for dates that don't use time.
- #1082658: Saving the options as arrays breaks other things. Add a custom export plugin instead.
- #1082658, Views options need to be declared as arrays or they are not saved in the export in Views 3.
- #945982 by tstoeckler, Fix another PHP 5.3 warning.
- #1027752 by B-Prod and dboulet, Fix missing table join on argument summary view.
- #686394 Fix computation of week when week is used as default value of date argument.
- #447868 Figure out when remembered value needs to used in Date filter.
- #430746 by Kermit, Fix missing datetime type in event migration code in Date Tools.
- #1011184 Add function to sort granularity array and use it in date_make_date().
- #1014664 Fix timezone shifts when computing UNTIL date for repeating dates.
- #1014818 Fix bug that only affects old versions of php to show all dates as the current date. Those old versions cannot be made to work the same way, fall back to a less robust workaround.
- #580176 Fix alias handling when dates from multiple content types are used in same view.
- #1013662 by developer-x: Remove check for start and end date - this prevented multiday-all day events from showing 'All Day'
- Add more tests.