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A feature that is critical for deal sites is the ability to email a deal to subscribers. This feature should allow those users that are interested in the deals for particular city to receive the deal for that city in an email message. The email sending should be triggered by the publishing of the deal to the web site. Therefore when a user signs up on the deal site, they should also be able to pick a city for their email subscription. Any thoughts on this idea?



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I agree that this is an essential feature. Something that should be done.

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You can create a rule to send an email each time a deal is created filtering by taxonomy (city).

To send emails to subscribers, I prefer to use mailchimp so I first create the deal on the website, then I create a digest using mailchimp.

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The rule idea is great. However, the recipient list for the email should be based on a preference where each user has picked a city for which he is interested in getting deals.


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Status: Active » Postponed

I am not sure if this feature should be included in opendeals installation profile. Some administrators use external services to share newsletters with their clients.

Also I can't see how we can build this feature. The first thing I came up with was "Rules"...

..But when the event should be triggered? Every time a deals is published? Is that correct? And what if I publish a deal accidentally?

So if you have any ideas about this feature I would be glad to read them. Write down your thoughts and if the demand is high enough we will proceed with the implementation.

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I think it's difficult to have a solution that fits every case.

Some admins prefer to send a digest with several deals from a specific city, others want to send a newsletter each time a deal is created.

With mailchimp, it's easy to create lists with users from a specific city but it means that newsletter should be sent manually.

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Take a look at this module. It might help you.


I don't think that this feature should be implemented to the distribution. How you manage and market your deals should be a site specific task. In fact if you really want to have a successful website you must have a "team" or a person that will manually send newsletter to your subscribers. Everyone hates automatic e-mails that might be irreverent or spammy.

The best solution is to provide a subscribe form where visitors choose what they want to receive in their inbox. Maybe display it after "checkout" page or redirect visitors on new sessions on this page. A service like "MailChimp" , "CampaignMonitor" or "Aweber" provide great tools for managing and sending newsletters.

If you want to succeed don't be lazy! Send your newsletters manually ;)

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I agree, there are plenty of ways to achieve this sort of functionality within Drupal already. No need to add it specifically to the distribution as some sites will want to notify their subscribers differently than others.

If one was looking to setup automated emails, they could try the Subscriptions module. It is an easy way to allow your users full control of your notifications on new content given specific parameters. You can also subscribe them to specific taxonomies and content types when they sign up automatically. Add the Mail Edit module on top of that and you have full control over your mail templates that go out for these subscriptions.