I was in touch with a representative from FlexPaper who replied to my concern about registering the commercial version of FlexPaper with the SWF Tools module. For the life of me, I'm unable to get the commercial version of FlexPaper working -- i.e. registering the key to unlock the commercial version -- with swftools 6.x-3.0-beta5

From what I can see adding your license key should be very trivial for you if you take a look at swftools_flexpaper.admin.inc. The bottom of this file specifies parameters being passed to FlexPaper and all you have to do is to add the "key" parameter here.

Does this seem right? Hacking swftools_flexpaper.admin.inc to add the key? If the module is updated, won't it be overwritten?

If anyone has any insight into this issue I'd greatly appreciate the advice.

- Jared