- created the right content type: video field as file and file-widget, display with videojs player.
- created content with 2 video files (mp4 and webm)
- the node shows the video perfect in all browsers and picks the right video with supported codec.
- now I can't get the player to show in any views setup page or block.

It seems the video.js module and library script is not loaded in my views.
Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to get video.js to show up in views?
I am pretty new to drupal and programming, but willing to learn.

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#11 Clipboard02.png74.81 KBbart3d
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Component: Code » Documentation
Priority: Normal » Critical
Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

no answers... so I guess this is not possible... yet.
switching over to mediafront module, at least i got that to work in the views module.
to bad; I would have liked to use the videojs player.

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Status: Closed (won't fix) » Active

I have the same issue not videojs load in created views. I use the same step asbart3d

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Category: support » bug
Priority: Critical » Major

good to see I am not the only one.
why is this not resolved?
without views this module is useless for me.
I would guess this a major bug!
If not a bug, then I would like to see a decent description in the documentation on how to get this working.

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would really like to have views capability!

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A basic view should come together rather quickly if other things are working properly.
In case it helps, here's how to make a simple video gallery with Views:

1) First confirm that the video content type is set to display properly as a teaser.
- Structure >> Content types >> Video >> Manage display >> Teaser
- Video field format should show "Video thumbnail" with style set to either "medium" or "thumbnail"

2) Add new view "Test Gallery" and keep all the defaults.
- select "Continue & edit"
- you should see a page of nodes with thumbnails (if not, check #1)

3) Change the Format from "Unformatted list" to "Grid"
- set "Number of columns" to 3
- leave the other setting at its default of "Content | Teaser" (not Fields)

4) Click "Save"

5) Visit your gallery view at its default path of example.org/test-gallery

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I know how the basics of views works by now, but..

The description given in #5 works only if you have the video mod also installed, witch I don't really want because I convert my own video's.
Besides that; using views without the use of fields is kind of useless for me. I got videojs working on a node base, but that is not what I want.

I don't see any answers from the maintainers, is this still Actively maintained?

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I will look into this soon, thanks for your patience. I have been fixing a lot of bugs today, maybe I accidentally also fixed this one. You might want to try the 7.x-1.x-dev release of tomorrow.

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Status: Active » Fixed

I have tested it myself and the AJAX Views preview loads Video.js players perfectly. Please reopen if you have a case where it doesn't work.

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Thanks for looking into it Jorrit.

I tried it yesterday with the dev version of 5 feb. and it did not work. Maybe I did something wrong?
I see that there is a new dev version today, but it says "file not on server"?

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Status: Fixed » Active

Are there javascript errors? Can you post a screenshot?

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84.51 KB

No errors when I use unformatted list as format, there is just nothing showing. There is a mp4 and a webm file is the video field.
clipboard 01 are my settings.

When I use VideoJS : HTML5 Video Player as a format I get clipboard02 as an error. Which seems to be the same bus as http://drupal.org/node/1291854

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The view format is utterly broken, see #1291854: db_fetch_object in videojs_style_plugin.inc line 94.

Did you select the video formatter for the video field?

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yes I selected VideoJS : HTML5 Video Player as formatter for the video field.
Or did you mean the video formatter from the (other) video module?

I will try the latter, but as I remember from before when i tried that, all the video formats were shown (mp4 + webm). I will try it again now, see what it does now.

But from my understanding you do not really need the video module if you only want to play your own uploaded videos?

confirmed that with the formatter as video (from the video module) for the file field , it shows both files (mp4 with flowplayer, webm as videojs)

+ I get this error:
"Notice: Undefined index: filemime in template_preprocess_videojs() (line 74 of D:\wamp\www\Video\sites\all\modules\videojs\includes\videojs.theme.inc)."

Video 7.x-2.4
VideoJS 7.x-1.10+12-dev
videojs 2.0.2

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Is it possible for you to recreate this on a Drupal 7 instance that I can get enough permissions on to access the view and reproduce the problem?

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Sure, is there a way I can contact you private to give the details?

At the moment I have only a local setup, but I can create an online version to test.

Right now I have an working version with the method described in #5, using content instead of fields, then tidy stuff up with css. Works without errors (thanks for all the updates!) but it is not the preferred way to go in views I guess.

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Use my personal contact form: http://drupal.org/user/161217/contact

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Status: Active » Fixed

I have fixed the bug in branches 7.x-1.x and 7.x-2.x.

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works like a charm now.
great work Jorrit!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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This bug still exists for me in 7.x-2.x. No matter what view mode I use or if I print fields or nodes I cannot view videos through views. I have tried with both 7.x-2.2 and the latest dev and it behaves exactly like in this issue's summary description.

I'm using Video 7.x-2.9 and Video.js library version 3.2.0.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Forgot to reopen ticket.

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Can I see this online somewhere?

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Closed because of lack of response. Perhaps try the newest version: 3.0-alpha1 with Video.js 4.