I have installed CKEditor (and CKFinder) on a simple Drupal 7 website, and initially everything was working as expected. Today, however, I'm seeing a bug:

When I create a basic page (as user/1/ with both Admin and Authenticated User roles), the Text format defaults to "Plain Text".

When I switch the Text format to "Full HTML", then the editor shows up as expected.

Although a small thing, it does strike me as a bug because (at /admin/config/content/ckeditor/edit/Admin):

--> For Input formats, "Full HTML" (and only Full HTML) is selected
--> Use Drupal text format filters = Enabled
--> EDITOR APPEARANCE > Default state = Enabled

With these settings, I expect my Admin role when creating a new page will default to the "Full HTML" input format with CKEditor showing. Since it isn't, I'm curious what can be done to fix this.

- Jim


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I am getting this same issue. It is always defaulting to plain text even in the admin, but I do not want the plain text to show. Did you figure this out?

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First make sure you installed everything ok!

Then just clear your browser cache and ckeditor will appear!

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Thanks, I was having several issues with the ckeditor. I found that I had version 4 installed instead of the version compatible with this module.. 3.7. After downgrading the CK module things seemed to work more properly.

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having this issue also...