I'm trying to use noggin header image but I can't get it to show up unless I have Use the default logo checked.
Then my logo shows but the standard default logo shows upon it.
My logo is higher than the header area, where do I manage to make the area higher? Now the menu shows upon my logo!

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Let me check the logic in the header - do you have a site name or slogan enabled?

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Well, I have skipped Noggin and adjusted the header area instead in css. Then when I use custom logo it looks fine. The area-problem that I had was in the cache, I didn't think about emptying the cache so..., that was my problem.
- No site name or slogan enabled.
No I've got some new problems.
1.) I am trying to set a background-image that should appear only on the front-page in panels. I set the CSS ID to #front_page and the CSS code to
#content-column #front_page {
background-image: url(/sites/default/files/background.jpg);
margin-left: 0px;
margin-top: -15px;
margin-bottom: 0px;
but when I check in Firebug only margins shows up, no image. When I put the same code in themes css all shows up in firebug, but no background-image on the front_page. I've tried every combination of CSS ID:s (almost) but nothing helps. It's not that big problem if the code is in themes css or in the panels General area but it would be nice if the CSS ID worked. Now I have the code in themes css and only #content-column but then it shows on every page. I would like to set different background-images in panels for my pages.
2.) I'm using the Superfish module and I have enabled -Supersubs makes it possible to define custom widths for your menus. I've changed the width from the default 27 to 50 but it doesn't change (I have emptied the cache). I don't know is this is a theme or module problem.

It looks like I'm stumbling upon new problems on the way building the site.

Thanks for your help!

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Well, I've solved this background problem. I had to use CSS ID page-front_page in Panels and the code with #page-front_page etc in themes CSS file.

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I have installed Noggin modules,but where to set header images in admin/appearance/settings/pixture_reloaded
like this page : http://adaptivethemes.com/documentation/noggin-module
I can't find the header images setting!

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I have finded HEADER IMAGE SETTINGS bettom the page of theme setting

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