I've had a search around but couldn't seem to find any info on a roadmap or timeframe for a stable release of the storage API for D7. Is there any current timeframe, even a rough estimate, like sometime in Q1 2012 maybe?

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I'm very keen to tag it 7.x-1.0 . This will mean that any database schema changes after this will have update functions for update.php and also the API will not change. Changes committed after 7.x-1.0 will also have full tests.

"API design is like sex: make one mistake and support if for the rest of your life."

I have a long list of features to implement after 7.x-1.0 . I am working through this list to ensure that the schema and api are extensible in ways that I anticipate.

I really hope to have 7.x-1.0 released this year.

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It is done.

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