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Seem to be having a problem with Lightbox2 and Drupal 7, the captions won't show in the lightbox. Anyone having the same problem, or have a suggestion for fixing?

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I have the same problem.

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Hey Sameo,

Tried a fresh install, once again didn't work. Didn't have the time to figure out how to fix it, so I ended up using Yoxview instead. Similar features, not as customizable but if you're in a client-crunch you might want to check it out.

Keep us posted if you figure out what's not working, looks like the handler isn't passing on the information to be rendered.

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Same problem. I can not get the captions to show from the alt or title attribute.

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Same for me, subscribing

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Component: Miscellaneous » Code
Category: support » bug
Priority: Major » Normal

I had this working in the past, so some change i did broke it, will work on this.

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It works if you put it inside the rel tag, like rel="lightbox[][my caption here]" but is not working with title="my caption".

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I'm having this problem too. I am using Views to display images in a sidebar and have selected a lightbox formatter. It looks like the rel=" attribute is corrupted. Here is what my browser sees output for one of the images :

<div class="views-field views-field-field-photos">
<div class="field-content">
<div class="item-list">
<li class="first">
<a class="lightbox-processed" title="The large beer garden" rel="lightbox[field_photos][The large beer garden<p><a href="http://www.theturnpikeinn.info/sites/default/files/sidebar-photos/garden.jpg"></a></p>]" href="http://www.theturnpikeinn.info/sites/default/files/sidebar-photos/garden.jpg">
<img width="180" height="135" title="The large beer garden" alt="The large beer garden" src="http://www.theturnpikeinn.info/sites/default/files/styles/sidebar_photo/public/sidebar-photos/garden.jpg">

Any thoughts appreciated.


El B

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Status: Active » Fixed

This is related to #971754. I just commited a fix for it, and will commit it too in drupal 6 later. See http://drupalcode.org/project/lightbox2.git/commit/000ef72

I made a very simple testing site at http://jaguaribe.net23.net/ to show this working, just wait for the next dev release.

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Status: Fixed » Active

Thanks yukare. I downloaded the dev version but I must be to early as it didn't have the change. So I applied the tiny change by hand and it worked fine.

Thanks for your efforts and swift response.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Since the solution worked for you, I will set again this issue as fixed.

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Sorry, any ideas how this needs to be manually configured in views. Have a slideshow gallery and it still doesn't show the captions. Have used the dev version from 30th Dec.


Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Needs work

I have installed the dev version (which does contain the small fix) and I still can't get the caption to display. It doesn't matter whether I use rel="lightbox[][my caption]" or the title (or alt) tags in my anchor. The caption does not display.

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Status: Needs work » Active

Like vegantriathlete (24th J), I'm using the last dev of lightbox and the caption is still missing.


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Well here's something odd that may add to this exchange. I have the beta1 installed and not the dev. I created a gallery page with unlimited images (thumbs that open into the lightbox view and play a slideshow). I added 10 photos and the captions worked fine.

Then removed the photos (due to changing the nature of the gallery) and added 10 more. The captions suddenly stopped working -- or did they? I noted that they worked fine on a second browser in which I was NOT logged in as admin. So, I logged out of the first browser, and now the captions worked. Logged back in as admin, and they stopped working. Logged out and logged back in as a plain ole' authenticated user, and they worked okay.

I'm not sure if this is an isolated quirk, but it is possible that your image captions work fine for non-admin users. It's worth a try if you just want to get the site up and running.

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I'm having a similar experience to the above users. I'm using the January 1, 2012 dev version. I'm doing a slideshow via views, using the trigger field. Only anonymous users can see the caption.

Also, for some reason, even thought I have my trigger field's captions set to:
[title]<br />[body]<br />Here is some other text.
...it only shows the content of the [body] field as the caption for the anonymous user.

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Totally broken on my D7 site regardless of which version I use. No captions in the lightbox. The first problem with the dev version is the "broken/missing handler" error it gives when you try to add a Lightbox Trigger using Views. Which can be fixed by adding this line of code to lightbox2.info:

files[] = lightbox2_handler_field_lightbox2.inc

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Status: Active » Needs review


Changing line 726 in the lightbox.js file from
var caption = Lightbox.filterXSS(Lightbox.imageArray[Lightbox.activeImage][1]);
var caption = Lightbox.imageArray[Lightbox.activeImage][1];
seems to solve the issue for now.

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Thanks, but did not work for me.

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Both #18 and #19 do not work for me.

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I can also confirm that #18 and #19 did not work for me.

The site I'm building is at: www.melissamollenhoff.com/style-gallery.

Using a view to show the image field with lightbox2 for formatter. Anyone have a work-around so we can put some text with the image in the lightbox display?

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One bug I notice is that checking/unchecking "Show image caption" under the Lightbox2 settings only affects whether the "View original image" link appears. It has no effect on whether the caption displays.

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The image_caption module works for me (7.x-1.0-beta3). It also creates a caption from the title using java. I must admit I didn't know that lightbox was supposed to do this until I read somewhere else (not Drupal related) that this was its default behaviour. It was only then that I looked for a reason why it wasn't working and found this thread. My worry is, if this module is eventually fixed so that the captioning works as intended, will I end up with two captions? I suppose I only need to disable image_caption if that happens.

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I've just tried Lightbox 2 again a year after my first tussle with this issue in #4. Sadly although I can see from the code that the patch in #8 has now been commited I am still seeing no captions and the html output I am seeing is thus :

<a class="lightbox-processed" title="Andalucia Bike Race : the finish line" rel="lightbox[field_sidebar_images][Andalucia Bike Race : the finish line<p><a href="http://mydomain.co.uk/sites/default/files/bikeracetrips1.jpg"></a></p>]" href="http://mydomain.co.uk/sites/default/files/bikeracetrips1.jpg">
<img width="270" height="180" title="Andalucia Bike Race : the finish line" alt="Andalucia Bike Race : the finish line" src="http://mydomain.co.uk/sites/default/files/styles/sidebar_image/public/bikeracetrips1.jpg">

Again the rel attribute looks corrupt and now I have a stray comma in the html at the end.

I have tried both 7.x-1.0-beta1 and 7.x-1.x-dev.

Any suggestions appreciated.


EDIT: Sorry, the comma seems to be part of my View ( not sure why ) as it still appears after I disable the Lightbox module.

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Status: Needs review » Active

I've gone through about 4 different patches, the 7.x, 7.x-1.x, 7.x-1.x-beta along with a clone of the actual git repo in attempt to find a fix to this solution.

I ended up implementing a workaround, and I thought I would share it.

I needed a clickable image that would open up in a larger lightbox image, and offer a download link (regardless of it being private). Along with the title being the caption.

Here is how I override the view's field template;

Be sure to change field_field_gallery_image to field_field_[field name]!
The gallery thumbnail style ($thumb) image is generated with theme(). (in my case, fourth_gallery)
The url for the larger image style is generated with image_style_url. (in my case, lb2_930)
The original image is pulled out from the row.
The title is extracted from the row.
The entire line is printed out with the proper values substituted.



 * @file
 * This template is used to print a single field in a view.
 * It is not actually used in default Views, as this is registered as a theme
 * function which has better performance. For single overrides, the template is
 * perfectly okay.
 * Variables available:
 * - $view: The view object
 * - $field: The field handler object that can process the input
 * - $row: The raw SQL result that can be used
 * - $output: The processed output that will normally be used.
 * When fetching output from the $row, this construct should be used:
 * $data = $row->{$field->field_alias}
 * The above will guarantee that you'll always get the correct data,
 * regardless of any changes in the aliasing that might happen if
 * the view is modified.
  $img = array();
  $thumb = theme('image_style',$img);
  $lb = image_style_url('lb2_930',$row->field_field_gallery_image[0]["raw"]["uri"]);
  $content_orig = $row->field_field_gallery_image[0]["rendered"]["#path"]["path"];
  $title = $row->node_title;  
<a href="<?php echo $lb; ?>" rel="lightbox[field_gallery_image][<?php echo $title; ?>&lt;p&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;<?php echo $content_orig; ?>&quot;&gt;Download Original&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;]" title=""><?php echo $thumb; ?></a>
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Thanks josefnpat, clever solution. I've since given up on this module and started using Yoxview or Colorbox on most of my projects.

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Has anyone found a solution to this?

I'm hoping to get some captions on images. Otherwise this is such a great module!

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This is a big, big issue for this module. I've tried various fixes and nothing works - it's looking likely that I'll need to completely remove Lightbox2 and find something else which would be a shame. Any news on fixes from the contributors?

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I have found a solution, hopefully you'll be able to apply it to your own use case:

I have a content type with an image field. I then output these through a View. My title and alt fields were empty which lead me to think there was a problem with the way it was constructed in lightbox.js. Turns out it's being built correctly, I just had to enable and populate the "alt" and "title" attributes within the field in the content type - doh!

I suspect this may be the exact same thing many others are seeing.

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Yes, that worked for me! Thank you very much!

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Colorbox will take the page title and put it as the caption!

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In my case, the caption is missing becoz i am using the views galleriffic module. it seems that the #caption cannot be located in the lightbox.js. i bypass the problem by

if (s.show_caption) {
  var caption = Lightbox.filterXSS(Lightbox.imageArray[Lightbox.activeImage][1]);
  if (!caption) caption = '';
    //$('#caption').html(caption).css({'zIndex': '10500'}).show();
    $('#imageDataContainer #caption').html(caption).css({'zIndex': '10500'}).show();

hope it could help.

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Populating fields, that was it!!

Its not the Node Title its the title attribute from IMG tag.

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webbymatt, that worked for me! thank you! (d'oh indeed!)

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

I will close this issue as i can not reproduce it now with current code from git, if someone still have it please reopen this issue, and try to provide me a public site with the error, or meet me at irc #drupal.