When creating a new sub-theme, omega tools only offers multi-site locations listed in sites.php, but sites.php documents that you only need to list sites here you wish a "non-standard" mapping, like devexample.com => /sites/example.com

If your site is example.com Drupal will automatically find the sites directory /sites/example.com, so for the rest of Drupal, there is no need to add a listing for every site in the multi-site. omega_tools_sites needs to add in the directories under /sites into the list of sites, maybe with a check to see if they are writable by the user (this would be a plus, but not absolutely required).


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As a work around I added all my sites to sites.php, and found that the first site listed is not provided. The reason is that code uses the line:

$sites = array('all') + array_values($sites);

but array('all') and $array_values($sites) have an element [0] and + for arrays is a UNION operation, so you only get one of them. This should be

$sites = array_merge(array('all'), array_values($sites));

to get all the values from both arrays.

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I submitted a patch against 7.x-3.0-dev that addresses this and another issue: http://drupal.org/node/1344926#comment-5531088