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MD5: 611f93639e26fce7bf110dc27816e8b0
SHA-1: 8363798be6a00d5c160892df7dbcab5f7dd525f4
SHA-256: 76b9f6cc4c1c11159d65b9fd320c8a93343bbfbeab2be651fa83bdc8569e7ad9
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MD5: ec03340f342328e7aad7f81ed1850b9b
SHA-1: 0929f82227406bdfeb03d3180046c0bba602c48f
SHA-256: 908bd29aef8eda8f7c8b29dd25ca350b890c50a8c9bdb5fb1dbecc6fabd20090

Release info

Created by: Morbus Iff
Created on: 10 Nov 2011 at 17:24 UTC
Last updated: 10 Nov 2011 at 17:25 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Achievements 7.x-1.4, 2011-11-10
 * achievement-latest-unlock.tpl.php added and used in the leaderboard.
 * All template files have been moved to templates/ subdirectory.
 * Most .tpl.php $variables are now render arrays instead of strings.
  * This allows for easier modifications in preprocess hooks.
  * You WILL need to modify any overridden themes to support this.
  * You should be able to just replace "print $a" with "print render($a)";
 * "image_path" added to themes for the context-aware image path.
 * "achievement_title" added to themes for easier linked title display.
 * "achievement_points" added to themes as a renderable "$n points" string.
 * Fixed double-encoding bug in titles of achievements/leaderboard/$AID.
 * achievements_locked() added for programmatic taking away of an unlock.
 * achievements_storage_del() added to complement the _set and _get ones.
 * tabindex on achievement notification was rewritten into a CSS override.
 * #theme => 'achievement' usage has gained contextual theme suggestions.
 * Admins can no longer take away an achievement the user hasn't unlocked.
 * An empty relative leaderboard table is no longer displayed in the HTML.
 * "achievement-leaderboard-top-rank" CSS class added to top 3 rank rows.
 * "achievement-leaderboard-top-rank-[123]" CSS class added to top 3 rank rows.
 * theme_achievements_group_wrapper() added (wraps around user/#/achievements).
 * theme_achievement_group_wrapper() added (wraps around an achievement group).
 * Stats on user/#/achievements are themed with theme_achievement_user_stats().
 * Achievement popups do not fade out if you hover over them (thanks Poetro).
 * New hook added: hook_achievements_leaderboard_alter().
  * Lets you add new table columns or heavily modify leaderboard display.
  * Context (type of leaderboard, block, etc.) and raw data is passed.
  * See achievements.api.php for full details about the new hook.


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