Just wondering if this module is still being maintained. The project page lists it as unknown.


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Title: Is Ubercart Fee still maintained? » Request for co-maintainer to help maintain the Ubercart Fee module

Since I'm not using Drupal 6 any more, and with Drupal 7 I will be using Drupal Commerce, I'm not maintaining this module, other than applying critical patches if and when they get submitted. If someone wants to step up and offer co-maintainership, I will happily accept.

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I actually was interested when I posted this, but since two days ago I've decided it's time to move on from Ubercart. It was great while it lasted but there are just too many contrib modules that won't make the port to D7 and that means a much weaker set of features for Ubercart.

I think this module exists in Commerce form so I couldn't even take a look at helping with migrating it there in that case either. Thanks for responding and I hope you find your co-maintainer.