I hope to get some help cause i spent to many days searching …

- got a content type : Record (fields : title, explanation)
- Got another content type : Concert (fields : title, "title of the Record"- so it's like a foreign field, date)
I want to display for the Concert content type : Title, date, "tittle" from Record", and "explanation" from Record.

Can't find how to do this …


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Hi !

You shouldn’t use a free (?) text field as a foreign key to another node for many reasons (performance, maintainability etc.).

You should use a node reference field in your Concert content type. Therefore, in the template, you get the nid to a Record content type node that you can easily retrieve via node_load($nid).

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Thanx Zigazou.
I managed using node_load and it works fine :)

Thax for the tip !