I try to use commerce bpc in order to create a display node automatically for every product created.
Unfortunately it doesn't work. When I go to Bulk add product I get the following message :

None of the product types you have created so far are available for bulk creation. In order to be avalable for bulk creation, a product type must have at least one field that supports it, such as a list field. Go to the manage product types page to add fields to your product types.

I don't understand, I have two taxonomy fields in my product type and I set the right content type to create display node

What's the problem



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Category: bug » support

In order to make taxonomy field work for bulk creation, you have to activate the "Commerce bulk product creation - Taxonomy reference integration" module (included with bpc). Then it should work (you may have to clear the cache).

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P. S. Please report back here if enabling the Taxonomy integration module resolved your problem, so we can close this issue.

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It still doesn't work. The Taxonomy reference integration module is enabled and naturally I cleared the cache.
Should I try with beta release ? Should I reinstall dev release ?

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I get the following message in the admin board :

The following token types do not have any tokens defined:


The following token types are not defined but have tokens:


It is related ?

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Just to be sure: Did you enable the "Enable this field to function as an attribute field on Add to Cart forms." under "Attribute Settings" in the field settings of the taxonomy fields? This is currently required.

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Status: Active » Fixed

yes! off course! it's working now
thank you Sven

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I have the same issue. I have done what spasmody did. I have tried both the recommended release and the dev 1.x.

I don't have the errors in #4 after upgrading to dev 1.x.

I did what you said in #5

I get this in the error log after generating the page where i also can not select a node type to create node in:

(4 errors like this created at the same time in the error log)

Notice: Undefined index: #title_display in form_pre_render_conditional_form_element() (line 3021 of /home/ibuildit/public_html/dev/rawkitchen/includes/form.inc). Backtrace:
form_pre_render_conditional_form_element(Array) common.inc:5712
drupal_render(Array) common.inc:5740
drupal_render(Array) common.inc:5740
drupal_render(Array) common.inc:5832
render(Array) page.tpl.php:28
include('/home/ibuildit/public_html/dev/rawkitchen/themes/seven/page.tpl.php') theme.inc:1397
theme_render_template('themes/seven/page.tpl.php', Array) theme.inc:1087
theme('page', Array) common.inc:5733
drupal_render(Array) common.inc:5596
drupal_render_page(Array) common.inc:2582
drupal_deliver_html_page(Array) boost.module:1263
boost_deliver_html_page(Array) common.inc:2470
drupal_deliver_page(Array, '') menu.inc:524
menu_execute_active_handler() index.php:21

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hehe....sorry mate. I discovered this new setting:


It works like magic now. You're a star.

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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

There still is an issue, though, as these errors should not show up. Re-opening this until we've figured what caused those.

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I'm affected by the same issue. Also getting the following error after changing BPC settings to automatically redirect upon product creation:

Notice: Undefined variable: node in commerce_bpc_create_bulk_form_create_products_submit() (line 260 of  sites/all/modules/commerce_bpc/commerce_bpc.forms.inc).
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in commerce_bpc_create_bulk_form_create_products_submit() (line 260 of  sites/all/modules/commerce_bpc/commerce_bpc.forms.inc).
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Yeah something is getting in the way... I was unable to get this mod to work. I know there are fields and they are checked to get use in bulk etc... but I get the errors, same as OP... perhaps its a conflict with another module?

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I've committed a fix for the notices in #11 --- more of a hotfix. The problem occurs if you have set the display creation to create one display node per product, but set the redirect to redirect to the created display node. Of course, this does not make much sense, as there is more than one display node in this case. Ultimately, this choice should simply be disallowed in that case. For now, the redirect will be to the last created display node.

Stan, macrocosm: What are your display node settings?

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I am trying to understand the core purpose of this field's existence.

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.0-rc6

I also received the error

The following token types do not have any tokens defined:
• $info['tokens']['bulk_product']

after a fresh installation of Commerce Kickstart rc4 and enabling of Commerce Bulk Product Creation and Commerce bulk product creation - Taxonomy reference integration. The only other things I did after the fresh installation were:

jirafe – disable
ctools – enable everything except examples
commerce fancy attributes – enable
color module – enable
migrate UI – enable
backup and migrate – enable
colorbox – enable
field extractor - enable

Any thoughts?

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I also receive the error in #15 with 1.0-rc6, no commerce kickstart.

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I have the problem that I cannot select any content type to be the display node after the product variations are created. (The select box that would appear where it says Select which Display Node Type to use. Note that the Node Type must have a Product Reference Field with multiple values which can accept products of the chosen type to be considered as a candidate.)

Thus, the products get created, but not the display. I cannot find any setting in admin/commerce/config/commerce_bpc/display_nodes that might cause this. All my node display content types definitely have a multi-value product reference field (created automatically when creating a new product type with Commerce Kickstart).

Has anyone encountered this?

P.S. Would there be a way to mass create products and assign them to an existing display, if e.g. one is creating the same product but in batches per color? The same display node would be desired to reference all these variations.

Thank you

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Since my issue is different than the originally described one, I will create a new issue.

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Since no-one has linked this to the new issue, I will (after spending time looking for it).

#1866626: BPC on Commerce Kickstart installation does not show any Product Display content types to select

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Issue summary: View changes

Hi guys. I guess this issue must be fixed but I can't get rc6 to create the Display Page. The product variations all come through fine - which is awesome sauce but no display page. Have only tired two tests and checked all comments on this page. Drupal 7.26 build running Commerce 7.x-1.8 all running without problems elsewhere (i.e. can create displays, add product variations manually, etc, etc, all working great.

Alternatively, if the display page creation ability isn't working is there an easy way to re-attach all the variations (all 2,000+ of them) to a new display created manually?

Any feedback/pointers much appreciated. I will add a note back here if I do find the solution meantime - thanks in advance.


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Ummm. Not sure what's going on here but after more testing some (but not all?) of the Display Creation options work.

Is that right?

I.E. After following another thread I've configured the Bulk Creation Process (at store > config > bulk creation process > node display settings) to use the following options from that page:

1. Silently create a display node automatically that references all the created products.
2. Pre-selecting the my existing Display Node type.
3. Sending the user (after successful creation) to ... "...the newly created display node."
First time round I didn't set the configuration options first (tut tut) and use the default settings and whereas that generates all the product variations it doesn't generate the actual display page.

The above set works at least - which is great guys. Good luck to anyone else with the same problem. I hope that helps.


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So is this actually working for some people now?