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AddThis for Drupal 7 is completely rewritten in version 4. This version uses the full power of Fields, Formatters and Display modes. Note: Version 4 is still in development. Things might be slightly different.

We take will walk through the following steps to configure AddThis:

  • Installing the modules
  • Enabling all necessary modules
  • Adding your fields
  • Configure your display

Installing the module

Download the module 7.x-4.x from the AddThis project page and follow the steps in this detailed walkthrough.

Enable all the modules

For some reason the field displays are separated into a separate module, so you need to enable two modules: AddThis, which allows you to add the fields, but still does nothing on it's own, and AddThis Displays which you also need to actually use AddThis on your site.

Adding your fields

This version uses fields to add a AddThis button/toolbox/counters to your content. You can set up a field on every content type or entity. For this example we use the 'Basic page' as an example.


  1. Go to admin/structure/types.
  2. Click 'manage fields' on the 'Basic page'.
  3. Choose a label (e.a. Share this) and a field name (e.a. addthis).
  4. Select 'AddThis' as field type.
  5. Click save.

Configure your display

Drupal 7 has different 'Display modes' for content types (and entities). In a 'Display mode' (e.a. Default) you set the way a field is displayed through the format. AddThis utilizes this to format your AddThis button/toolbox/counters. The format types display in the format field we call AddThis Display Types. Every Display Type display's the AddThis sharing functionality in a different way. Some Display Types that are delivered with the AddThis module will be supporting specific settings.


  1. Go to admin/structure/types.
  2. Click 'manage display' on the 'Basic page'.
  3. You'll see the field 'field_addthis' and the dropdown list in format. Select the a AddThis Display Type.
  4. (When a Display Type has settings a settings button will appear and you can configure them.)

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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You will need to enable the addthis_displays module to select a display otherwise nothing will be displayed

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Thank you! I was loosing my mind.

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Following link explains the best way to configure add this module.

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Unless your looking to have this exist as a block. That is not covered in the video

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That saved me some time Tregonia, thanks.
But do you know how to add them as a block ?