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AddThis for Drupal 7 is completely rewritten in version 4. This version uses the full power of Fields, Formatters and Display modes. Note: Version 4 is still in development. Things might be slightly different.

We take will walk through the following steps to configure AddThis:

  • Installing the module
  • Adding your fields
  • Configure your display

Installing the module

Download the module 7.x-4.x from the AddThis project page and follow the steps in this detailed walkthrough.

Adding your fields

This version uses fields to add a AddThis button/toolbox/counters to your content. We will setup a field on a content type. You can set this up on every content type or entity. For this example we use the 'Basic page' as an example.


  1. Go to admin/structure/types.
  2. Click 'manage fields' on the 'Basic page'.
  3. Choose a label (e.a. Share this) and a field name (e.a. addthis).
  4. Select 'AddThis' as field type.
  5. Click save.

Configure your display

Drupal 7 has different 'Display modes' for content types (and entities). In a 'Display mode' (e.a. Default) you set the way a field is displayed through the format. AddThis utilizes this to format your AddThis button/toolbox/counters. The format types display in the format field we call AddThis Display Types. Every Display Type display's the AddThis sharing functionality in a different way. Some Display Types that are delivered with the AddThis module will be supporting specific settings.


  1. Go to admin/structure/types.
  2. Click 'manage display' on the 'Basic page'.
  3. You'll see the field 'field_addthis' and the dropdown list in format. Select the a AddThis Display Type.
  4. (When a Display Type has settings a settings button will appear and you can configure them.)

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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You will need to enable the addthis_displays module to select a display otherwise nothing will be displayed

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Following link explains the best way to configure add this module.