How can I change size of the Blocks in this theme?


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If you mean the width or height of the block, it should be done in CSS. Find the CSS ID of the block and use the code below :

#id-of-the-block {
    width : 300px; /* width here */
    height : 400px; /* height here */
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Which css???

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I am able to change the height and width of my block using CSS.
However I have one more problem.

I have a quicktab instance having 5-6 tabs and I want to place another quicktab instance on my page so that these two instances will be adjecent to each other. However, when I add the second one adjacent to first one, I am able to see both but can only click on the second one. It seems that the newly added quick tab block is overlapping with the first one.

To avoid this, I used CSS to position the new block using position: absolute property and then giving the pixel location.

But I want to set the position of this block in sync with the first block. For example, if the first block moves down by 50 pixels then the new one should also..

How can i do this ?