Even when an app declares a configuration screen like so:

function openpublic_example_apps_app_info(){
  return array(
    'configure form' => 'openpublic_example_app_configure_form',
    'post install callback' => 'openpublic_example_app_post_install',

This menu item is never created, though in the hook_menu for apps there is no logic preventing it from being created.

I'm wondering if the access arguments are what the issue is, however I am user 1 and cannot see it - meaning the access arguments are not working properly.

The only app that does work is Project Mapper - however - it doesn't seem to follow the general guidelines for declaring an app (with the default content and such) and seems to be doing custom things.

Its unclear right now to me whether this is simply a matter of documentation - or whether there is a problem in the code.


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

My fault