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Upgrade instructions

If you are using Domain Access 6.x.2, you may upgrade straight to 7.x.3 using these upgrade instructions.

If you are using Domain Access 7.x.2, you must upgrade to 7.x.3 using the Drupal update script. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Disable Domain Access 7.x.2 and its dependent modules.
  2. Download the recommended version of Domain Access 7.x.3.x and replace all of the existing 'domain' files with the new module files.
  3. Run update.php, either through the user interface or drush.
  4. Enable Domain Access and its dependent modules.

If you do not disable the module before upgrading, fatal errors will occur. These errors are temporary but look pretty scary. Your site will not be damaged, so Don't Panic.

After you upgrade, you may be prompted to perform additional actions. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

The prompt to update domain modules.

The form for updating module data.

These additional updates are acceptable via drush with drush domain-repair.

Updating via drush

Steps to update via drush:

  1. drush dis domain
  2. drush dl domain
  3. drush updb
  4. drush en domain --uri=""
  5. [enable other modules as needed]
  6. drush domain-repair


There have been significant API changes in the 7.x.3 branch. If your site uses a module that is not part of the Domain Access package, you should check to see if that module is compatible with 7.x.3 before you upgrade.

If you find a module that is not compatible, please file an issue in that module's issue queue.

If you do not perform the update as described, it is possible that your database cannot be updated. If this happens, you may be forced to update your database using custom SQL queries. To avoid this situation, please follow the upgrade instructions before changing settings to any domains.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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I was fast. Without reading this upgrade instruction, using drush - "drush up" I upgraded to new version. I noticed that all content are missing, but with logged-in as admin, I can see the content and menu intact.

How to make the content available for public?

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Upgraded to 7.x-2.15

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First make a backup of your site and test this 'tutorial' on development server.

1. Turn ON maintenance mode (www.yousite/admin/config/development/maintenance)
2. Turn OFF Domain Access (www.yousite/admin/modules) and its dependent modules (for example Domain Theme)
3. Delete domain access folder DOMAIN in youDRUPALcatalog/sites/all/modules
4. Copy DOMAIN folder from Domain Access package (
5. Run update.php (www.yousite/update.php)
6. Turn ON the Domain Access module (www.yousite/admin/modules) and its dependent modules (e.g Domain Theme)
7. Now you can see some messages like - 'The content access permissions need to be rebuilt. Rebuild permissions.'
8. By few simply clicks you need to complete the upgrade. And it's all you need to do to use newest version of this great module.
9. Turn OFF maintenance mode (www.yousite/admin/config/development/maintenance)
10. You can Clear cache (www.yousite/admin/config/development/performance).

By follow those steps I have simply upgraded 7.x-2.18 to 7.x-3.3

@yesmathew - check Domain Strict (turn it off).

THX goes to agentrickard !

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Nice instructions but can try to run point 6 before 5.

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failed to upgrade from 2.18 to 3.3.

Okay so I took the time for a second try. The instructions are correct. I failed the first time because "rebuild permissions" already comes up when I disable Domain Access 7.x-2.x module. The mistake was I clicked on rebuild. You should ignore those messages if some would appear.

Rebuild permissions (if message pops up) only after you have followed instructions from above.

Of course after this update you have to check if your domain settings are the same as before. In my case, not all theme settings were correct, also I had problems with the new settings behaviour, and the default frontpages were wrong set. But after some manual changes, everything works fine now.

Checked some API changes and they definetly make sense! So it's strongly recommended to switch to 7.x-3.x.

Thanks to the developers for this awesome-ness module! Great job!

@kerios83: I tried this way, I ran into PDOExceptions after enabling Version 7.x-3.x. So only above instructions are the right way.

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You forgot the most important first step!
To do a backup of the database before updating the module.

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Updated before knowing there was more to it and now I can't access the site at all. I hate it when this happens.

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I'm wondering if the process I've been taght and using to run updates will work for this update. I'll be going from 7.x-2.19.

1st local machine:

  1. drush up module
  2. drush updatedb
  3. test
  4. git push

2nd dev server
1) git pull
2) drush updatedb
3) test

3rd live hosted server
1) git pull
2) drush updatedb
3) test and celebrate

This module's update is the most complicated I'll have done at this point and am wondering if the above process is still valid or if I have to do the update process on each individual server?


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Followed the instructions.
Backed up Site & Database.
Turned off Domain Access.
Removed Domain folder from Server.
Uploaded New Domain folder for 7.3
Tried update.php script ...

When trying to update to domain access 7.3.9 from 7.2.19 and I got the following error:
7300 - Remove references to row 0.
This update will been skipped due to the following missing dependencies: domain_update_7303

Not sure what to do here. Followed the instructions but it will not go past update.php.
It shows the 5 or 6 potential updates, but says they will be skipped?

What am I missing?