When Andromeda is configured to display both Logo and Site Name, the Site Name is displayed below the logo and moves out of the header block into the content block (not sure about the proper terminology). The result is the white Site Name is displayed on the white background, nearly unreadable and ugly. I think it is a bug.

Is there a workaround to display both Logo and Site Name in the header block?

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I added the following lines in order to display site name (optionally including site slogan) beside of logo:

#logo {float:left;}
#name-and-slogan {float:left;}

This displays the name-and-slogan left of the logo. If you want to have the logo at the right, just use #name-and-slogan {float:left;}

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Hi, I am relatively new to Drupal so still finding my feet.

Can you please tell me where you added the lines to, is it in the config or in one of the php or css files.

I cannot seem to get the slog to appear below the site-name, although I have text in it in the configuration.

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809 bytes

I created a subtheme to Andromeda. This may sound more complicated than it is. Also I'm new to Drupal and it works for me. See attached file which should install in Drupal just easily.

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Hi Mharkin,

can you post a screenshot so I get a better understanding of the problem? I spent a lot of time on Andromeda and solved most of the common problems with Menu and Layout CSS editing.

Let me know!