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The [current-page:arg:N] tokens have been renamed to [current-page:url:unaliased:args:value:N].


[current-page:url:unaliased:args:value:0] (The first value, of the array of arguments, of the unaliased URL of the current page).

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filippo.piffaretti’s picture

I was configuring the content types of my web site. I wanted to set a custom "File Directory" for all the images added to a specific post-article.

The token I am using is: [current-page:url:args:value:1]

This retrieve the NID of article (Drupal 7.16).

jienckebd’s picture

Thanks -- it was broken for me too.

[current-page:url:args:value:1] works.

ydahi’s picture

Thanks for the info, documentation really needs to be updated

waveer’s picture

Thanks at first!
If the [current-page:arg:N] is not worked now, why not remove from the "REPLACEMENT PATTERNS", it disturb me first, I search on google and then find this answer.

slcmayor’s picture

Thanks very much, it worked for me and solved an issue that had been bothering me for a while. Agreed that the list of replacement patterns should be updated.