When Entity translation is enabled, it gives a choice of node types to be entity-translated and each field in the node type can be configured to be translated or not.

Currently, the page title field does not show up when translating a node with Entity translation enabled.

It would be a great feature since, the way I see it, Entity translation might be more flexible than standard translation of nodes.


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Title: make compatible with entity translation » Make compatible with Entity translation module
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The difference between standard translation (with the Content translation module) and the field translation model (with the Entity translation module) is that the former uses multiple nodes and the latter uses one node. This makes configuration trickier for modules that need to maintain data per language. (Side note: In Drupal 8, a combined model will probably be architected using only one node.)

I don't know what needs to be done, but I may be able to look at the code in February. I do know that the Pathauto module works with entity translation but the Entity translation module was updated to make this happen (you need to use the latest dev version of the module). Perhaps something can be learned and applied here: http://drupal.org/node/1155134


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This is how I make page titles translatable with current state of page title

setup an entity translatable field field_page_title_custom lets say
and use tokens [node:field_page_title_custom] in the settings of page title
for each specific content type page title

can't page title automate something like this ?

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Title: Make compatible with Entity translation module » Make Pathauto compatible with Entity translation module

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