I am trying to figure out a way of validating a text area that must contain at least a couple of words with a mix of and/or statements.

Essentially I am looking for a validation that looks for certian words in a sentence. Example, text area must contain word1 or word2 but also must contain word3 and word4.

Can this be done with Regex? Any pointers on how to start?




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This can be achieved with the regular expressions...



Validates for the word Rehersal.

"This or This or This"

Validates for at least one of the words Rehersal, or Matinee, or Performance.

"This and This and This"

Validates only if all the words Rehearsal, Matinee, and Performance are present.

"This or This, This or This, and This"

^(?=.*?\b(Load In|Setup)\b)(?=.*?\b(Load Out|Teardown)\b)(?=.*?\bPerformance\b).*$
Validates only if either Load In or Setup is present, and Load Out or Teardown is present and only if Performance is present.

"Not This"

Validates only if Matinee is not present.

"Not This or This or This"

Validates only if neither Rehearsal, nor Matinee, nor Performance are present.

"This, This or This, and This or This, but Not This or This

^(?=.*?\bPerformance\b)(?=.*?\b(Load In|Setup)\b)(?=.*?\b(Load Out|Teardown)\b)((?!Matinee|Rehearsal).)*$
Validates only if Performance, and Load In or Setup, and Load Out or Teardown is present but won't validate if Matinee or Rehearsal is present.

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Thanks for the great examples nfd!
I've added a link to them on the project page, for future reference to people struggling with regexes.

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Version: 6.x-1.4 » 7.x-1.1

Can anyone please tell me
how to validate a text field which can have numbers,alphabets,spaces and some special characters like , . ()_ -
using regular expression validator?

Thanks in advance

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