I have built a site that allows the user to put up to 5 videos on the page and I thought it would be nice to use the videojs module to load those videos. However I noticed the template is looping through these multiple videos and putting them as new src values in the player which means I believe they don't get played. This surely can't be correct?


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The standard behavior of the module is to use all files uploaded to a multi-value field as alternative versions of the same file. In this way, the user can upload an MP4 and Ogg version of the same video to cater both Firefox and all the other browsers. However, I understand your initial assumption that all videos would be displayed simultaneously. I can imagine this to be an option in a future release. For now, the only solution is to have multiple fields with just one entry per field instead of one field with five entries. I hope that's not too much of a problem.

I will keep this issue open as a feature request for the option I mentioned above.

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I see. At the moment I have put this site on the back burner but when I get back to it I might look into implementing this and then I can contrib the code to you to add in the feature.

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Easy enough to just add an extra file field for each potential video, especially if you know it's exactly up to 5. However, it would be nice to be able to allow unlimited!

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i am no able to configure video module and video.js module.So please help me out by providing good documention.

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I understand what the default behavior should be, and that is indeed what I want. But I am getting multiple videos, not multiple sources for one video, when I have the single field set to multiple uploads. I am using this module with the video module for uploads and conversion.

Should I raise a new issue, or can we deal with that here?

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