This module largely duplicated the functionality of gmaplocation module in Drupal 6.x, although it did provide the primary map in a block, rather than gmaplocation's node. In Drupal 7, gmaplocation has been replaced with the Location Map module. Since that module is already in use in over 1,000 sites, I suggest that this module is not ported to Drupal 7, and instead that an upgrade path be provided for users of this module to Location Map, in the same way that gmaplocation users were automatically upgraded. I am happy to work with the mistergroove on Location Map module, and would welcome you to be added to Location Map as a co-maintainer if you would like.


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Title: Merge functionality in Location Map module » For Drupal 7, merge this module into Location Map module

Clearer title.

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OK, looking into this some more, Simplemap has quite a few nice features that Location Map doesn't do, so saying it "largely duplicated" isn't fair or correct! However, the intended goals are v. similar and I suggest there is largely one audience that both modules are catering too. I'd love to see us work together to take this forward... :)