I have provided an image. How would I correct this? I have noticed that some views pages also do this when using a grid view..

The editor extends under the sidebar 1 menu.

Also , If a menu is long IE. the user account menu about a users page. It will extend like this also. Is there a way to get it to not do so, if anything id prefere that it looked tacky and forced the menu item below.

Image provided.

Thanks for you help.




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Also when I updated to version 1.2 of D7 I kept my main php and page php , where there any updates made to those files?

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To fix this add the following css in your style.css file:

.form-item {
  overflow : visible;

Hope this helps.

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Perfect Thank you!

Another way to do it that I found is to change the cke editor box size to 98% but this way you stated is much cleaner

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