Happy to see that there is a *LOT* of documentation for this project! Kudos to the maintainers.

I didn't get to review all the documentation, but did catch a couple spelling errors in the main *.txt files.

Patch attached in first comment...

#1 domain-spelling_errors-n1232824.patch7.46 KBjwilson3
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There is a d.o documentation now.
However, I just bought a large coke, and french fries so I'll be modify the d.o docs soon :)

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So you're maintaining documentation that mirrors the codebase?!? WOW. Now that's what I call dedication folks.

Well done...

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The idea is to phase out the README entirely for 7.x.3. Maybe this is the time to do it.

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Status: Needs review » Postponed

Makes sense to me... since the spelling changes have been fixed in the documentation on d.o, and assuming no one wants to commit my patch, we could mark this as postponed, and close it when #1092050: Move documentation from README to d.o. is resolved?

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+1 for that!
We could include a basic README.txt in next DA releases and put little setup info, such as settings.php inclusion in a small README.txt, borrowing from online doc.
May be I should post it in #1092050: Move documentation from README to d.o. not here.

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@Ayesh, definitely post the modified README.txt as a patch for #1092050: Move documentation from README to d.o..

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Status: Postponed » Closed (duplicate)

I just committed a much larger spelling correction patch. #1241178: Spelling corrections for domain project., since I forgot about this one.