Add a behavior to set the documentDrag option[1] to
OpenLayers.Control.Navigation, without this setting dragging the map
stops whenever another element is intercepted with the mouse.

A patch is on its way.


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Status: Active » Needs review
Issue tags: ++patch
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Patch attached.

I had to cast the setting to Boolean():

+        'documentDrag': Boolean(['openlayers_behavior_navigation'].documentDrag),

otherwise OpenLayers wouldn't get it with the '1', is this a Javascript thing? If so other settings might need to be adjusted.


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Status: Needs review » Closed (fixed)
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@zzolo thanks for merging it. Any comment on the Boolean() thing?

Just as a side note: take care when you commit, take always a look at the git history before you push, I noticed I don't show up as the author of the change in and attribution is very important IMHO, yes there is the "by ao2" but I consider it just a workaround. And no, you don't need to do anything to fix that this time, but for the future please consider using the git "Author field" ;) for what it is for, git format-patch/git am make it so easy to get it right that there are no technical excuses for not giving proper attribution. :)

Take care and thanks again for the great module,