I'm not too sure if I'm taking full advantage of this module. I type a few things into the boxes but the page doesn't allow me to save.

There are no instructions or error messages to be seen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Jeff *loves* writing documentation! :)

I agree though - I managed to work out how to use this for one path per node type, but after that I would be stuck. Fortunately I don't need that right now... :) Glad I have this module though, it's just saved me a real pain in the butt.

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I've got it working to a degree, but I can't seemed to go deeper than two levels

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Even a few paragraphs of documentation would be helpful. I've tried a few things, and am not having success. So please don't withhold documentation just because it's not complete.

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From a personal point of view, the only success I've had with this has been extremely limited.

On my latest project, I have two sections containing custom nodes (testimonials and external links). If I drill down to an individual node, the breadcrumbs would not normally be affected, hence the need for custom_breadcrumbs. In my c_b module settings page (/admin/build/custom_breadcrumbs) I can add a custom breadcrumb by clicking the relevant link, which presents me with three form inputs: node type, titles and paths. In my existing setup, I have used only one title and path for each of testimonials and links, and it's pretty self explanatory: select the node type (e.g. testimonials), input the breadcrumb link title(s) (e.g. "Testimonials") and the link, which will point to the URL of the relevant page, in this case a paged View containing a list of (guess what) Testimonials. The link is set up to be (shock!) "testimonials"! - there is no leading or trailing slash, unless you have paths to nested urls.

If this is of *any* use I'll be surprised, and I certainly don't know how to set it up as per the description on the module home page.

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Here's a quick overview. Each matching LINE in the 'title' and 'path' fields is a separate breadcrumb entry. Thus, in paths you might use:


while in the title field you might enter:

that would create three breadcrumb trail entries. One pointing to the taxonomy term on the current node, another pointing to the CCK nodereference 'parent_node' field, and another pointing to the current node itself.

It's important to remember that you're setting up *paths and their titles* -- not magical 'breadcrumb elements'. Pathauto just makes long paths, while custom_breadcrumb makes a *set* of paths and matching titles.

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I'm even more confused now...! :)

Can you give an example set of "before and after" paths that relate to the above example setup?

Thanks Jeff.

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Furthermore, I guess the above depends on the token module being installed...

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A manual would be wonderful! :)

In the module description it says it synchronize with the view module. What exactly does that mean?

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how can i override the "home"?


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A demo or a readme file with this module would be highly appreciated.

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As the name suggests, Custom Breadcrumbs allows you to create and modify your own breadcrumbs based on node type. After enabling the module, click on Administer > Site building > Custom breadcrumbs. On this page you'll see the option to add a new custom breadcrumb.

Clicking on that link, you have the option to select the node type the breadcrumb will apply to.
There are two text fields below-- "Titles" and "Paths." When creating a breadcrumb, you're simply creating a link. In the custom breadcrumbs interface "Titles" describes the text of the breadcrumb while "Paths" describes the Drupal path the breadcrumb links to. Each Title must have a corresponding Path. [Unfortunately, there's a bug so if you have a different number of Titles and Paths it will simply reload the form instead of showing the error (but you won't be able to save the breadcrumb).]

To give a very simple example of how to use this module, let's say I have a blog on my web site called "Deep Thoughts." To create this, I use the Views module to create a page at /blog that displays all the node types "blog post." Whenever a user views a blog post I want the breadcrumb to show Home > Deep Thoughts instead of simply Home. To do this I would simply type "Deep Thoughts" in the "Titles" field and and "blog" in the "Paths" field and save my breadcrumb.

Using the Tokens module, the Custom breadcrumbs module becomes much more flexible because my breadcrumbs can become dynamic. So I could create a breadcrumb like Home > Deep Thoughts > [Month of Blog Post] [Year of Blog Post] Where "Deep Thoughts" links to my main blog page and "[Month of Blog Post] [Year of Blog Post]" links to a view that shows only blog posts from the month and year the blog post was created (e.g. June 2007). To do this I would do the following:
Node Type:
Blog Post

Deep Thoughts
[month] [yyyy]


(where of course, blog/[mm]_[yyyy] is the path to the view of blog posts from that month and year).
So if I created a blog post today (June 13, 2007) my breadcrumb would show Home > Deep Thoughts > June 2007 and "June 2007" links to "blog/06_2007" which is a view of all blog posts from June 2007.

Also, note that Custom Breadcrumbs doesn't actually check to be sure that a particular path exists, so you'll have to check yourself to avoid 404 errors.

Hope this helps!

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Status: Active » Fixed

Nice work bennynbobw! ;)
Issue fixed?

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)
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bennybobw, I'm going to add that as a book page if you don't mind.

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sounds great


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Excellent mod once you figure it out. Post #5 explains everything.

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Version: 5.x-1.1 » 6.x-1.3
Category: support » task
Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

The module maintainer ought to add a link to the documentation page in the module node settings:


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I've tried a few things, but I still can't seem to get this configured properly.

I'm trying to set up a website for a college which will organize all of the courses and faculty for each department in the college. I made custom content types for 'courses' and 'faculty', and I made taxonomy terms to keep track of what department they're in. If I click on a faculty member that is in the art department, I'd like it to say home > art > name. Currently, it just says home > name.

Would it be something like this?
Node Type:



The description says how to replace part of the breadcrumb (replacing blog with Deep Thoughts), but I'm not sure how to make a whole new part of the breadcrumb for the term.


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I got the idea behind this module. I set it like that:




BUT! The title-raw output exactly the title of the page, ex: "Asakura Yoh", and not "asakura-yoh". Is there a way to do that?
In autopath, it's exactly that.


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Instead of using authors/[title-raw] just use [menupath] and it should work.

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Well, this what I was looking for! With token module it works as it should be. Thanks for this great module.

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Than you this. Could you create README.txt into your awesome module with this:

Here's a quick overview. Each matching LINE in the 'title' and 'path' fields is a separate breadcrumb entry. Thus, in paths you might use:


while in the title field you might enter:

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I can't get it to work. There are no error messages, it just doesn't save anything and fails to set breadcrumbs.

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@Mark Theunissen

please start another issue, and describe what version you are using (I would recommend 6.x-1.x dev right now since several patches were just applied), and give more specific details about the custom breadcrumbs that you have set up, what behavior your expected, and what you actually saw. The more detailed information you give, the better able we will be to help you.

But it really should be a separate issue...

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Yeah I know, I'm just being lazy. ;)

Will check out the dev release. Just outputting error messages would be a good start though.

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Version: 6.x-1.3 » 6.x-1.x-dev
Assigned: Unassigned » MGN
Status: Active » Fixed

Thanks for helping assemble the documentation for this. I supplemented the material supplied by bennybobw and dbabbage to create a README.txt file for the module. It has been committed to 6.x.1.x-dev and a link is available on the project page. Please read through it and provide suggestions for improvements additions or deletions in a separate issue. This issue is now fixed.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I think I don't get it. I installed the module and create my first breadcrumb



Now I have a breadcrumb in all the pages: Home > Conferences

The link point to the right place but I only want to show this breadcrumb if I get into the Conferences page and not in all of the pages


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In the 6.x-1.x version, custom breadcrumbs are defined by node type. Custom breadcrumbs will only appear on the node types that you specify. You can further limit their visibility by adding a php snippet to the breadcrumb visibility section of the custom breadcrumb. For example, you could check the path and return TRUE (make the custom breadcrumb visible) for select pages (e.g. by checking $node->nid or some other property of the node).

Hopefully this helps. If not, provide more details explaining what you are trying to accomplish.

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Thank you very much MGN, that's exactly what I try to accomplish

Kind regards

Paul Hernández Moreno
Lucentia Research Group
University of Alicante, Spain

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how would you append just the node:title to the normal breadcrumb? i.e. how to include the node title in the breadcrumb? I like the way the breadcrumb is formed by default, by drupal, but i also want it to have the page title at the end...

i want to do this:

Services > Administrative > We fix stuff

Services > Administrative = normal breadcrumb
node title = We fix stuff.

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thanks for the module.

Is it possible to change the breadcrumb on Edit Node page?

(The story is : I create new cotent type. I created new view for that type. So I don't want to use original node view page for my new content type. But when user click on Edit node the breadcrumb has a link to its original node view. This is a reason why I need to replace a breadcrumb on that page.)


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Status: Closed (fixed) » Active
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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

@IGonza and duntuk. Please open separate support requests for your issues. This issue was to update the documentation, and has been closed.

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what php code i should put in breadcrumb visibility section to limit their visibility on $node->nid