The minimum number of words error text has the hardcoded "body" while it should be a variable that inserts the "Body field label" of the content type. A practical example to illustrate. For one content type I change the "Body field label" to Description because it is more appropriate. When the user creates a node of this content with not enough words, he is confronted with an error message that still uses "body" and he ends up looking for the field "body" that is now called "Description".

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This should be tested in 7.x and if the same issue is apparent shift the version to 7.x. Fixes get squared away upstream and are then backported.

Actually this may not be reproducible in D7 with the new fields api in place.

One possible work around would be to use CCK and create your own description field rather than renaming the body field. Internally, body is still body even if you change the label.

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marking as minor

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960 bytes
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 190 pass(es). View

Attached patch will fix it.

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CCK is not an option when you have too many content types. You don't think I am going to create a CCK field for all these content types and update al the related views that are already in place, do you? I prefer this to be fixed in core, please!

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Patch works for me. Thanks. Please submit!

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I've looked for this message in Drupal 7 but could not find it, so looks like it does indeed not apply to Drupal 7 and/or was generalized and rewritten. Committed and pushed to Drupal 6, will be in the next release.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.