Does anyone know of any modules out there that would allow creation of a view with source data being JSON or XML retrieved from a web service? I have a situation with a "central" drupal site, and then multiple client drupal sites that want to get data from the central site. I can return the data from the central site as JSON via the Services module combined with the Views Datasource and REST Server modules, but then I lose the ability to leverage the power of views (like automatic pagination for instance).

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There is a module that exports views in several types, including XML -

I hope it helps!

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Thanks srebelo, but in this case I'm looking for the exact opposite. I want to create a view that can *consume* JSON/XML instead of produce it.

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In general you can only use pluggable query backends in views3 and above.

There is one for xml:
But there is none for json.

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Thank you for the reply. I'll have to take a look.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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I would be very interested in such a feature--it seems to be the missing part of the picture. You suggest this is possible in Views 3? This looks similar to this issue for the Web service client module: #1215570: Views Integration for 'Web service client' module

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Well the views module provides you a sane api to provide such an integration, but this will probably not land in views itself, because it's kind of an api module.

@see above with xml_views.

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I would say you can also use feeds to import nodes from the json or xml and then display them with a view

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There was even a google summer of code project to use a views-query-backend to import data via feeds :)

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So as far as I can tell, the current state of art is:

* Views 3 has a pluggable query back end:
* GSoC proposal for "Views Query Backends" at but no evidence there of the project having started up
* YQL Views Query ( A GSoC 2010 project which stagnated over a year ago. Drupal 7/ Views 3.
* XML Views ( Stagnated about a year ago. Drupal 6/Views 3
* WS Client ( is a nice D7 module, which wraps around external SOAP & REST services. It could act as a data provider for Views 3, but I've seen no evidence of an implementation.

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I have set up a group for discussing how we could bring this to life. Your input is appreciated.


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This should do it.

Does anyone know if there's a similar module or in the works for json...?

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I'm sponsoring a project for plugging in JSON Web Services into the Views backend. If anyone is interested, here's the link:

I'll post an update here once the project evolves.

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Oh, my friend. I comes from freelancer (or from drupal long time ago).

I did a half done work. See the image:
Json Data:
Json Data
Configure Field:
Configure field

You could see currently it doest support filter etc. Only a very basic version......

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Great, here's the link to the sandbox page if you want to upload to git:

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There is a similar project which uses "web service client" and a sandbox called "web service client views". You can see the details here.

Web Service Client Views

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another sandbox for json backend

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