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Drupal provides methods for implementing JavaScript. Using these methods will help to keep your code clean and to ensure compatibility with the way other modules implement JavaScript.

Beginners note aside: In Drupal 7, there are four primary methods of adding JavaScript to Drupal. See Managing JavaScript in Drupal 7. JavaScript code Should NOT be embedded in the HTML.

A couple of simple principles guide Drupal's JavaScript approach:

  • All pages should be perfectly functional without scripts. JavaScript provides alternatives or supplements - not replacements - for standard elements.
  • No JavaScript is hard-coded into pages. Rather, actions are attached dynamically to page elements--and only if the needed JavaScript support is present.

See also the JavaScript developer API in the API section of the handbook.

Note: this section is currently being overhauled. The numbered subsections are the new content added to date - more to come very soon! The non-numbered subsections are old content that needs to be incorporated, updated or removed.

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