Great theme, but how to edit slideshow?

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Hello hubbi.fillah

Corporate Clean Slideshow is fully documented at Just follow this url,


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Hello hubbi.fillah

did you get the necessary help from the documentation?

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The slideshow is hardcoded and you can edit page.tpl.php to change the content. If you want to make possible editing of slideshow for user directly in backend you can always install "views slideshow" module. Just create new content type "slideshow", add image field and with views set the display to "slideshow".

Remember to put plugins into libraries directory (sites/all/libraries/):
- jquery.cycle
- json2
The slideshow in the theme use the same plugin (jqeury.cicle).

After that you will be able to set the same slide effects like in corporateclean theme.
Of course you will need a little css to make slideshow look like in the template.

I hope it will help.

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I've been trying to change the slider effect to 'turnDown'. Could someone please show me how to?
Sorry I'm very new to Jquery and Drupal. Your help will be very appreciated.
and here is the part of the code i got from the template.php

drupal_add_js(drupal_get_path('theme', 'corporateclean') . '/js/jquery.cycle.all.min.js');


drupal_add_js('jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

fx: "'.$effect.'",
speed: "slow",
timeout: "'.$effect_time.'",
pager: "#slider-navigation",
pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, slide) {
return "#slider-navigation li:eq(" + (idx) + ") a";
after: onAfter

function onAfter(curr, next, opts, fwd){
var $ht = $(this).height();
$(this).parent().animate({height: $ht});

array('type' => 'inline', 'scope' => 'header', 'weight' => 5)

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Hello pandorasbox2gb

you can configure slideshow effect and slideshow effect time through the Corporate Clean theme settings at Home » Administration » Appearance » Corporate Clean Settings » Front Page Slideshow

So make this change from the user interface and not from the template.php file.


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Great! Thank you!

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I'm new to Drupal. How exactly do I get to page.tpl.php to edit the bit of HTML for the slideshow?


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Version: 7.x-1.0 » 7.x-1.1
Status: Active » Fixed

Corporate Clean theme for Drupal is fully documented here
I changed the status of this issue to "fixed". In addition, you can find how to edit slideshow here

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With the views module i can edit the display output, but how can i let views do the following:

Add for every slider-item that you will add, you need to add a list-item of the slider-controls-wrapper as well:

<ul id="slider-navigation">
      <li><a href="#"></a></li>
      <li><a href="#"></a></li>

Is there a sort of how-to for creating a view slideshow, in the same design of the standard version?

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Status: Fixed » Active

I changed the status, because of my question.

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sorry, problem solved.
I'm new to the Drupal community - couldn't figure out how to delete my comment, so just editing.
Also, didn't mean to set priority to MAJOR.

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Hello Aptalops,

I have encountered this issue several times before. Usually caused by the fact that a div tag is not properly closed. So, look a little more careful your implementation in your slideshow and check if all of your divs are closed.

Futhermore, i would like to ask you if your Drupal installation is online in order to help you directly through my firebug.


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Hello remixed,

you should override the view output through a view template and create inside this template the appropriate slideshow structure.


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Hello George,

Thanks for your response, I'm still new with drupal and understand how I can change the view output. I will try to change the output, but doesn't some already accomplished that? or does everyone change the slideshow manually?

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That was exactly the problem George. I examined my code and found that I had commented out one of the closing div tags.
thank you,

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so i've tried changing the photos in this slide show every way i know how. i changed the code, i left the code the same and changed the names of my photos to match the mock up photos and then replaced them, and yes, i cleared my cache. no matter what in every browser i still see the original sample slide show. thoughts?

nevermind, apparently my ftp client wasn't overwriting the files.

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In general this has been my problem with Slideshow, getting pictures to be updated when I change the page.tpl.php file to select different pictures (even those previously working).

While logged in as Administrator I see the new pictures displayed. As soon as I log out they revert to the previous pictures.

I have been able to get it working by dumping my browser cache and deleting all cookies from my web site. This does not always work, at least the first few times.

Sometime that in conjunction with closing ALL browser windows fixes it.

The other issue is that many updates wipe out my page.tpl.php and thus I have to be sure to back it up.
There just has to be a better way?

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I am new in drupal 7 and also in the community. I really need help to make this corporate clean slideshow multilingual. Can anybody help me? I use i18n modul to internationalize my website. It would be greatful if anybody knows how to make an offset for english and hungarian languages to this coool slideshow.



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Hello remarK,

Corporate Clean theme comes with a Slideshow implementation hard coded into the page.tpl.php. This choice allows you have a slideshow up and run just after the theme installation. Then you could dig into the source code and modify it according to your needs. Corporate Clean is also documented here

Corporate Clean gives the option to disable the build in hardcoded Slideshow implementation without dealing with PHP at all. Simple goto Corporate Clean theme settings and disable it. So, if you disable the Slideshow from page.tpl.php, then you can copy/paste the Slideshow code inside a Drupal System block. Finally, you should place this new block to Banner region and traslate this block as you translate all your other blocks.

I think that this is a simple solution.

But generally you should know that the best practice is to contruct the Slideshow with nodes (Views with view template/Views Slideshow) and translate your nodes.


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Hi gtsopour,

It's obvious you know a lot about this topic,
I'm also pretty new to drupal and I'm struggling with the Corporate clean slideshow.
I found the pages.tpl.php file but when I edit/save this and overwrite the existing file, it changes nothing.
The link you're always pasting doesn't work for me so I'm still stuck :(
Please help me

Thanks of advance!

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Priority: Normal » Minor

But generally you should know that the best practice is to contruct the Slideshow with nodes (Views with view template/Views Slideshow) and translate your nodes.

That's his advice and it is spot on. Changing hard coded slideshows will be erased upon theme updates (like the one I just installed) unless you make a custom version of your themes and push through updates.

It would be great to eventually have corporate clean have an edit section similar to other themes but for now it looks amazing. Keep up the good work developers!

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Priority: Minor » Major

hi, i'm new to drupal. please how do i create a slideshow for other menu options? the slideshow that comes with the theme works for only the home menu and so i want to create another slideshow for one of my menu options besides 'home' thanks.

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Title: How to edit slideshow? » How to add a pause on the slideshow?
Assigned: gtsopour » Unassigned
Priority: Major » Normal


I'm new to drupal as well, can I anybody help me how to add a 'pause button' on the slide show?

Thank you!

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Hello michelle,

could you please check out my comment on this issue "Adding Pause/Resume action buttons to slideshow implementation"


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Hello Aptalops,

I have encountered this issue several times before. Usually caused by the fact that a div tag is not properly closed. So, look a little more careful your implementation in your slideshow and check if all of your divs are closed.

Futhermore, i would like to ask you if your Drupal installation is online in order to help you directly through my hgh firebug.

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Hi, what I did was completely remove the hard coded tags and include the slideshow from view. Its amazing. Have a look. But its not complete yet.

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Please explain what all settings you did to achieve this?

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Your homepage slideshow with the video option chosen, does not show the description I've added. I was very thorough with reading through your documentation and I've already tried it myself before I posted the previous message.

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Many of the comments on this thread are from users who need help because the documentation is so poor. If you had written complete instructions in the first place, people would have been able to implement the theme right away. You're creating a lot of frustrated people who are less likely to look at your products in the future. I don't understand why you'd go to such trouble to program a very good-looking theme and not bother to write more than the most cursory documentation. The fact that you have to install the Views and another module to make the slideshow work is not stated anywhere in your documentation. It took me an hour before I finally stumbled across the post above. Personally I think your theme is too much trouble to be useful. There is lots of free JQuery code from sites like Dynamic Drive that will do exactly what you do with only a few lines of code and much better documentation. Or Adobe Edge Animate is cheap and can do a much more elaborate slideshow with much less effort.

Your theme is lovely but you're sabotaging your business with such poor documentation.

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I think he is just relying on income for custom support.

Better business plan

Have the basics well documented and fundamental ease of use (obviously so you get a massive amount of people using your theme)

Add an advanced optional enhancements in a custom section for people to see what an paid support would entail.

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Status: Active » Fixed

the OP's issue seems to be fixed.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Hi Damiandab, hi George,
Great theme!
On the slideshow: I agree that Views Slideshow is the best solution to allow clients to update a slideshow themselves. I've been trying to do this for months, and though my Drupal and CSS skills have improved, I cannot get my own Views Slideshow to centre in the banner area on the homepage. I've downloaded the latest version of the theme (7.x-2.1), and made a copy of the site I'm working on, and a views copy of the homepage here to illustrate my problem (please ignore the layout of each slide, I will fix this with CSS later to mimic George's slideshow):
Would you have any suggestions as to how and where (I presume I need to add container divs somewhere) I can tackle this problem?
Thanks for any suggestions,