Views blocks and Views pagers disappear when Custom Breadcrumbs Paths is enabled.

I am using
Custom Breadcrumbs version = "6.x-2.x-dev"
Views version = "6.x-2.12"
with the Salamander Skins theme on Drupal 6.22

I have used Views to create an Ubercart catalogue. I am using a Views block to display product categories, and underneath that is a View page with a bunch of products. This works fine. However enabling the CB Paths module causes the block to disappear completely for anonymous users, and to disappear for the first viewing of the catalogue for me as user/1. Also the Views pager disappears.

I had also tried using the CB Taxonomy and CB Views modules, but they didn't work in the various configurations that I used. Disabling these modules had no affect, good or bad.

What needs to be done to fix this?