I have ported drupal 6 Fever theme (version 6.x-1.5) to Drupal 7. Can anybody please test it and post the issues so that I can fix them.
The theme can be downloaded from here:


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Looks good, have'nt fully tested but good job.

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what were some major porting problems you encountered as I would like to do some ports of other themes aswell.

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not seeing block titles.

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@bbeesley: Thank You for testing the theme. I have checked the block titles and I am able to see the block titles.
I have attached the screenshot below of my local testsite.
Can you please give me more information on this or attach a screenshot.


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The view titles in the content bottom area and right sidebar are overlapping on the block titles so in order to fix this issue add the following css in your fever.css file:

#content-bottom .view h2.title, #sidebar-right .view h2.title  {
  position: relative;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  background: none;


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Great work.
I found that when we create or update a content the notification message like "Basic page xyz has been update" is overlapping with the symbol (screen shot attached).

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You could try something simple to get around this (so that it least it looks neat and doesn't overlap) by using text-align:right.
For example - in the fever.css file..

.messages {
  padding: 10px !important;
  border: 1px solid #95C7FC;
  background-color: transparent;

I hope this helps.

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I've just found that I have some titles missing actually. Specifically on the main content area. All the pages such as the user profiles, forum, blogs, etc, dont seem to show the page titles. Any ideas?

Great work on the conversion by the way.

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Version: 6.x-1.5 » 6.x-1.x-dev
Priority: Normal » Critical
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Getting this D7 version when you add a comment to any content type:
Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /public_html/sites/all/themes/fever/template.php on line 106

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Sometimes the theme breaks and shows a non-formatted page. Any ideas?

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Can you put RTL style ?

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Category: bug » support

Hey guys,

Could anybody update the D6 fever theme to D7 or upload it for download?


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Thanks for the ported theme. I'm building a sports web site and was looking for D7 version of this theme. Will test and post any issues I come across.

Once again, thank you for the work you've done to get this into D7.

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Category: support » bug

Search region is missing from display. It's also missing from block regions demonstration.
There is also one issue I noticed with the menu, but I think it's something on my end. One button does not show children menus when mouse over, while others do. On the other hand, when I click it to make active, it shows all sub menu's.

How do you get Secondary links on top enabled?

As per #13, can this be added to downloads list on Fever theme page?

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I've got same issue with overlap.Your solution works, but is there a way I can just shift only text? I was trying to edit left margins for this class (if that's what ".messages" called) and other to see if that fixes, but it only shifted the margin of the box itself :(. I cant find the class that's responsible for the text itself.

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Did you get the showcase to work in D7? I've been messing with this thing for several hours already and cant get the ddblock theme to show up in DDBlock configs.

I noticed a difference in directory structure between what's in DDBlock manual and how it's done in Fever.
1. ddblock manual says it's has to be like this: ../fever/custom/modules/ddblock/...; while fever is missin ddblock directory but has views_slideshow_ddblock.

2. I renamed directory views_slideshow_ddblock to "ddblock". But still no go. even after I flush caches several times. :(

3. To be specific, I have issue with "Slideshow Them Layout" and that's I guess problem with ddblock since I could not load even their themes. Will try digging there tomorrow.

4. Also, I was thinking that this could be due to me using multisite configuration of drupal, but I tried moving theme into sites/all/thems, and still got same problem.

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Found bug when posting comments:

Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/account_name/public_html/sites/sub_site_folder/themes/fever/template.php on line 106

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Issue summary: View changes

I'm in the process of porting Fever from D6 to D7. I've encountered many of the issues listed above and have fixed or am actively fixing these issues for site. Because there are so many issues, I'm opening a separate bug for each. Please see the D7 Fever Issues list.