When using the location proximity views filter, exposed with the "Latitude / Longitude input (use map)" option, the filter does nothing. It always returns all locations and doesn't filter anything.

As suggested in #1190908-4: "Use Distance / Proximity Filter" Not Working in when an Exposed Views Filter by Vandrico
The problem is there is nothing like:

case 'latlon_gmap':
        $coordinates['latitude'] = (float) $options['latitude'];
        $coordinates['longitude'] = (float) $options['longitude'];

in the location_views_proximity_get_reference_location() function in location.views.inc
so the lat/lon is not set.

This is a problem in all versions of location.


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Title: The exposed Latitude / Longitude input (use map) option of the proximity filter doesn't filter results » Exposed proximity filter using gmap doesn't filter results
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