Hello and thanks for this great module.

I set up a pretty complex map with several layers including KML data, Views OL Maps, all with clickable infoboxes etc. and I managed to make it all work. It was not easy, but it works. Just saying this to encourage the maintainers and potential new users to adopt this beast :-).

There is only one thing I couldn't achieve, which is setting up the layers to display in the order prescripted on the Layers & Styles tab of the 'Edit map' page.

Whatever I try, the layers are always displaying in the same order, with the one I want on top borrowed below the others. I would like to know if it's a known bug, a yet to be implemented functionality, or a plain new discovery I had the chance to discover first.

Any hint would be welcome, including a clue about the place to look at in the source to try to solve this.

Of course, a complete working solution would be even better.

Thanks for reading.


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Okay, I sort of understood : it happens that if you activate a behaviour on only one layer, it pops on top of the stack. So, activating the Popup behaviour on the layer I wanted on top (and of course setting the appropriate order on the option page mentionned above) did the trick.

Perhaps it could be useful to indicate something about this in the doc ?

AFAIC, this issue is solved but I leave it open if the maintainers want to do something about it.

Thanks again for your work.

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Category: support » bug

Hi @Countzero. Layer ordering was not ported to D7 for some reason. Marking as bug.

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Well, it's kind of weird as I managed to achieve what I wanted nevertheless. But It's true I played a lot with activation / deactivation and behaviours management, so it was a hit and miss method, not very satisfying.

Hope it won't be too much work for you to solve this.

Thanks again.

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Layer ordering was not ported to D7 for some reason.

Probably because it is broken in 6 too? Would be good to have this fixed

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Status: Active » Fixed

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Component: Layers » OL API

Just an (long overdue) update to mention the patch works great. Thanks a lot.