Weight is set such that custom breadcrumbs (node breadcrumbs) are lightest, and path breadcrumbs are heaviest. However, the node type breadcrumbs sometimes override the path ones.

It looks like the call to custom_breadcrumbs_set_breadcrumb in hook_nodeapi is getting run twice.

So, custom_breadcrumbs_set_breadcrumb() runs in node_api then it runs from custom_breadcrumbs_paths_preprocess_page(), which is correct, but then node_api gets called again for some reason, and it gets set back to the breadcrumb defined on the node type.

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It's because this content type has comments enabled. You are calling custom_breadcrumbs_nodeapi manually from within hook_form_alter on the comment form. Not sure why you do this.

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I'm guessing this is when people have the comment for to sow on a standalone page rather than on the node form. Attached patch checks if the user is viewing the node, and only calls nodeapi:alter if they are not (ie, they are looking at the comment form on a standalone page).