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[my original message seems to have been lost by using "preview"... here it is below]

It's unclear what "name" is, or where it's defined.

The answer: by default, the variable $db_url in settings.php is a single connection string. When multiple databases are configured, those strings are placed inside of an array. The key to each value is the "name".

For example:

$db_url = array(
  'default' => 'mysql://username:password@localhost/drupal_database',
  'thirdparty' => 'mysql://username1:password1@localhost/other_database'

In the above sample from settings.php, the "name" would be either 'default' or 'thirdparty'.
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Thanks for reporting!

This is a d6-specific bug. In D7 it is documented more clearly (the parameter is called $key and it's documented what it's an array key to).

So we should say that $name is a key into the $db_url global variable from settings.php. Good project for a novice doc contributor...

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Title:Documentation problem with db_set_active» db_set_active doc issues

It would be great if the @return was fixed up too. non -> none, and needs to start with a capital letter.

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Just marked
#725856: db_set_active() documentation fix . . .
as a duplicate of this issue. It's about the @return section.

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+ * The name of the previously active database or FALSE if None was found.
I think this needs a comma before the or, and None should not be capitalized. Sorry if my note about capital letters above confused you -- I meant the @return description needs to start with a capital letter, not the word none. :)

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Thank you, doc team! These little improvements make a big difference.

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Another report of confusion on this function - should verify this fixes their doc issue too:
#1184106: db_set_active doc issues

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@jhodgdon, that links back to this same issue..

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That looks fine to me - thanks!

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Thanks, committed.

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