would it be possible to include sample material on how to build a theme?
- css (minimal css for the theme to function)
- layouts (one, the site template, with minimal css to function)
- styles (one, for the site template)
- pages (one, for the site template)
- templates (page.tpl with $classes, and the other minimal files for usage with no panels override)
- template.php (with required preprocess functions and stuff)
- theme-settings.php (minimal settings)
- sample_theme.info (with all the required code to include layouts, styles and pages)

from this other people could build or adapt themes more easily


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templates: the tpl files provided at modules/panels_everywhere/theme seem to be enough for the sample theme, but i might be wrong.

layouts: the panels_everywhere.pages_default.inc includes a complete layout. this could be converted to theme layout inc + php/html + css.

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Since the project page contains links to several themes adapted to PE, I'm not really sure I see the need for this?
Please re-open and elaborate if this is really problem. :)

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indeed themes adapted to PE, but not much documentation or sample code on how to build one.
that's what i mean

a full simple naked theme with enough code for .tpl, .info, etc files, and properly commented.
perhaps on the project documentation? included with the module in a sample dir? a separate project designed to just be sample/demo?

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The minimum needed for a PE theme to function is...nothing at all. That's why the readme has you create a blank theme. Your layouts don't need to come from the theme, your page.tpl.php is only for backup purposes and the default provided by system.module is perfectly adequate for that case, and the .info file needed is included with the README.

There are no required preprocesses at all.

That's why we don't provide an example; any example is going to be more than the minimum.