Thanks for the module. Have just used this module for the first time yesterday. I needed to upload 1500 images and all other galleries I have used/created before were not built for that. So, it's indeed brilliant - no need to create nodes, nicely creates thumbnails and nicely uses lightbox.

I couldn't find a simple step-by-step documentation, though, so here is a draft user guide. You may all pop in and add/correct/modify, hoping it will go eventually into the module's README file.

(1) configure the module at: /admin/settings/brilliant_gallery
( sometimes at admin/config/brilliant_gallery )

// the following is a folder name under the files directory and should contain only subfolders
Path to the main gallery folder (for local, non-Picasa galleries): my_galleries
(all the rest is pretty self explanatory, I think)

(2) set input formats
add "Brilliant Gallery Tag" to "Full HTML"
rearrange "Full HTML" so that "Brilliant Gallery Tag" comes before "HTML corrector"

add "Brilliant Gallery Tag" to "PHP code"
Let "Brilliant Gallery Tag" stay after "PHP evaluator"

(3) create gallery pages

use the following cheat sheet:
[bg|path/to/your/gallery/folder/without/wrapping/slashes (just the folder under the my_galleries folder) |columncountoverride|widthoverride|sortorrandomoverride|maximumnumbertoshow|colouroverride|beginfromoverride|caption-yes-no-text]


see also:
in order to allow download of images through the Lightbox display, check out the attached file at this comment:


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one more thing:
(4) Path to Picasa image CACHE folder
Make sure the defined folder for picasa image cache exists, even if you don't use picasa.
Otherwise, you would see php errors in the log at each cron run.

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thanks a lot

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Version: 6.x-3.6 » 7.x-1.2


in order to allow download of images through the Lightbox display, check out the attached file at this comment:

this method seems to be outdated or is it? i tried to apply the patch, which broke my site down. I'm using D7.15 lightbox2 7.x-1.0-beta1 and brilliant gallery 7.x-1.2.

Maybe i don't get it right? Cause by applying the patch i mean that i replaced the content of the brilliant_gallery.module file with the content of the brilliant_gallery.module_2.txt file. is that right?

has anyone managed to provide a download link in a lightbox using the current versions of the involved modules?

thanks in advance,

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Can you please explain how to "create gallery pages" more?

I don't know where to put

my folder is called photo_gallery. It is finding this folder and the images in it, I can see that when I go to Site Config > Brilliant Gallery > Manage Galleries

But where can I see the gallery? Do I put some code into a regular page that adds the gallery onto that page?


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Version: 7.x-1.2 » 7.x-1.6

The documentation is improved on the project page. Note there also is a demo video here.

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Thanks for the write up and the demo video.

I got my picassa to work but cannot get my local pictures to show up.

I have the pictures stored under

In my Input Text field I am showing the path as /gallery/abc but no pictures come up.

Is there a step I am missing or a problem with my syntax?

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In case anyone else needs to know the correct syntax in the input field is /abc.

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See my answers for a way to download from within Lightbox: