It would be awesome if donations made to teams would create a report an authenticated team captain can look at that tells the name, date, and amount of individual donations to their team (when the team captain is logged in).

This would help team captains track, thank, and rally their constituents without the staff of the organization having to manually create and distribute reports of who donated to their teams for the team captains (everyone always wants to know who donated to their team, and sometimes it's important to see if donations from specific people or groups have come in yet, and as one team captain pointed out, helpful in establishing competitive bidding wars between donors in their constituency).

Alternately, and more simply, a field visible to the logged in team captain that could contain a link to a report created by the organization (perhaps put up by Google Docs) would help. Either suggestion should be viewable by the team captain when authenticated, and the team captain should be able to only see this for their individual team.

Note: originally posted as (closed that issue as a duplicate of this one in order to separate two different feature requests), and changed to request against 7.x version.