So this was fixed for a while, but broke again:

aegir@ceres:~/platforms/pressflow-6.20.97-7.0-staging/sites/$ drush dl genesis
Project genesis (6.x-2.4) downloaded to /srv/aegir/platforms/pressflow-6.20.97-7.0-staging/sites/all/themes/genesis.                                                                         [success]
Project genesis contains 4 themes: genesis_ULTRALITE, genesis_SUBTHEME, genesis_DARK, genesis.
aegir@ceres:~/platforms/pressflow-6.20.97-7.0-staging/sites/$ ls -la
total 8
drwxrwsr-x 2 aegir aegir 4096 mai  2 08:02 .
drwxr-xr-x 7 aegir aegir 4096 mai  2 08:02 ..
aegir@ceres:~/platforms/pressflow-6.20.97-7.0-staging/sites/$ drush dl node_gallery_access node_gallery_user_profile node_gallery_taxonomy node_gallery_jcarousel node_gallery_slideshow
Project node_gallery_access (6.x-2.0-beta2) downloaded to /srv/aegir/platforms/pressflow-6.20.97-7.0-staging/sites/all/modules/contrib/node_gallery_access.                                  [success]
Project node_gallery_user_profile (6.x-1.0-beta1) downloaded to /srv/aegir/platforms/pressflow-6.20.97-7.0-staging/sites/all/modules/contrib/node_gallery_user_profile.                      [success]
Project node_gallery_taxonomy (6.x-1.0-beta2) downloaded to /srv/aegir/platforms/pressflow-6.20.97-7.0-staging/sites/all/modules/contrib/node_gallery_taxonomy.                              [success]
Project node_gallery_jcarousel (6.x-1.0-beta2) downloaded to /srv/aegir/platforms/pressflow-6.20.97-7.0-staging/sites/all/modules/contrib/node_gallery_jcarousel.                            [success]
There is no recommended release for project node_gallery_slideshow.
Choose one of the available releases:
 [0]  :  Cancel                                                 
 [1]  :  6.x-1.x-dev  -  2011-Feb-25  -  Supported, Development 

Project node_gallery_slideshow (6.x-1.x-dev) downloaded to /srv/aegir/platforms/pressflow-6.20.97-7.0-staging/sites/all/modules/contrib/node_gallery_slideshow.                              [success]

I suspect this may be related with #1158504: working directory confusion and maybe #1158490: drush dl --destination should assume a relative path, and maybe even #1158474: drush dl doesn't support ACLs although i doubt the latter.


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It *is* relayed to #1158504: working directory confusion - drush_cwd() returns the non-dereferenced path, while the $full_site_root is dereferenced... The attach patch is a workaround, but maybe that just tells us the patch I made for that issue is not complete, as this is still pretty confusing...

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I've been having a similar problem. Especially when I use a symlink to get to the site directory.

Aegir provides a set of symlinks in the form of ~/clients/[clientname]/site-uri which links to the site specific directory in whatever platform the site is deployed.

I re-rolled the patch for the current HEAD.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. cd into a site specific directory (e.g. sites/
  2. drush dl views
  3. confirm that views is installed in sites/
  4. remove sites/
  5. cd /tmp
  6. ln -s /path/to/sites/
  7. cd
  8. drush dl views
  9. confirm that views is now installed in sites/all/modules <== The WRONG behavior
  10. remove sites/all/modules/views
  11. apply this path
  12. drush dl views
  13. Views should now be in sites/ <== As it should be
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Committed to 5.x

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