The "edit" link on comments needs to be produced through an AJAX call instead of produced automatically by Javascript. For one thing, a user with "administer comments" permission will never see the link on other people's comments, which that user has permission to edit. Also, the link needs to pass through hook_link_alter to give other modules a chance to change the output.


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Does anybody see this issue? Here's some skeleton code to replace the respective functions in 6.x-1.0-rc2 to at least fix the 'administer comments' issue:

 * Process comment template variables
 * @see comment.module
 * Replace "new" marker with empty span containing timestamp info
 * Add "edit" uid span for JS phase
function authcache_preprocess_comment(&$variables) {

// Will use Ajax to determine whether to display "new" marker for user
if ($variables['is_page_authcache']) {
$variables['new'] = '<span class="authcache-comment-new timestamp-' . $variables['comment']->timestamp . '"></span>';

// These comments are still editable
if ($variables['user']->uid && !user_access('administer comments') && comment_num_replies($variables['comment']->cid) == 0) {
$variables['links'] .= '<span class="authcache-comment-edit comment-uid-' . $variables['comment']->uid . ' comment-id-' . $variables['comment']->cid . '"></span>';

 * Overridden to handle $links
 * @see comment.module
function theme_authcache_comment_view($comment, $node, $links = array(), $visible = TRUE) {
$user, $is_page_authcache;
  if (
$user->uid && !user_access('administer comments') && $is_page_authcache) {
theme_comment_view($comment, $node, $links, $visible);

It pretty much just disables the Edit link javascript if the user has "administer comments," under the assumption that the entire role has "administer comments" permission. Ideally, the comment_preprocess function would always add a tag to replace the links with values retrieved from AJAX instead of conditionally adding a tag to add the edit link. But, I don't know how Drupal AJAX works and so couldn't put together a bit of code to exemplify.