When porting a theme from 4.7 and moving to a different server, I had to repair paths to images in the theme directory that were hard-coded into the tpl files.

With this patch, instead of:

<?php base_path() . path_to_theme() ?>/box_bottom.png

I can include, more succinctly:

<?php base_path_to_theme() ?>/box_bottom.png

These paths won't break when the theme is moved around in the sites directory or renamed.

#7 theme_path_helper-110632-7.patch808 bytesdropcube
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#6 theme.inc_.patch708 bytespnm
theme.inc_16.patch650 bytespnm
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No longer applies.

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You can also do this:

 print url("$directory/box_bottom.png");

This applies to the current version and goes way back to 4.7 I think. So, I don't see a real need for this patch.

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Status: Needs work » Closed (won't fix)

dvessel: your suggestion doesn't work for me in 5.0.

base_path_to_theme() returns

url("$directory/box_bottom.png") returns

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708 bytes

I updated the above patch against HEAD.

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I suggest the following helper function:

 * Returns a relative path from base to a file in the currently 
 * selected theme. Useful for providing relative paths to files 
 * in the theme directory.
 * @param $path
 *   The path relative to the theme directory.  
function base_path_to_theme($path) {
  return base_path() . path_to_theme() . "/$path" ;

It will avoid themers to repetitively use base_path() . path_to_theme() . $file , and instead use this more succinctly function.

For example:
base_path() . path_to_theme() . '/fix-ie.css'
base_path() . path_to_theme() . '/images/bg.png'

Can be converted respectively to:

Find attached the patch.

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Patch still applies, with offset

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I think helper functions like this are better lived in the template.php file of your theme, and not part of core where they might never be used. Just my thoughts though...

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I made a bad call on #2 but I still don't think this needs a function.

Instead, setup the variables within "template_preprocess" so it can be used in any preprocessor or template file. The function calls are cheap and it would be a two line change. The $base_path variable in "template_preprocess_page" should be moved to "template_preprocess" and the $directory variable should be changed to $theme_path. $directory is seldom used since it has little meaning in this context. Not many know that they can use it.

It would end up like this:

print "$base_path$theme_path/fix-ie.css";

// vs. this:

print base_path_to_theme('fix-ie.css');

If we can prevent function calls inside templates, lets not provide another function as a shortcut. Make the variables available instead. If you need to call these paths from theme functions, the two functions "base_path" & "path_to_theme" should be fine.

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To me

print "$base_path$theme_path/fix-ie.css";

is still messy (and error prone; why not $base_path/$theme_path?). Could we do:

print "$base_path_to_theme/fix-ie.css";

or similar? one variable to remember rather than two? I leave it to themers' discretion what that variable is best called.

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Morbus was throwing around the idea of a base_url() function...

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That would work too Webchick but having them separated is useful too so we might need 3 variables. If we stuck to one standard in how paths are used, a single path would be fine. For example, theme_image can't take in the base path while drupal_add_css does. Maybe another thing to tackle.

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Since every themer will face this problem, I think it's better to have a helper function, and "one best way" of doing it.

Having a standard way would reduce the chance of themers creating code that works on their current configuration -- a site in / -- but breaks if the site is moved to a subdirectory. This is the situation that led me to post this request in the first place.

In addition, people learning Drupal and reading theme code for the first time will better understand what to do.

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Status: Needs review » Needs work

The last submitted patch failed testing.

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Most modules in contrib that implement path lookup helper functions use an optional boolean argument to return the same path prefixed with base_path().


echo path_to_theme();
// returns: "sites/all/themes/mytheme"

echo path_to_theme(TRUE);
// returns: base_path() . "sites/all/themes/mytheme"
// e.g.: "/sites/all/themes/mytheme"
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Note that there's also talk of vamping base_path() with hook_file() goodness to make it easy to push files to CDNs or host files externally.

Also, I think instead of using a PHP function for this, it might be nicer to give designers and theme developers a variable. $base_path, $path_to_theme, etc?

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For template files, we have $base_path and $directory already. IMHO, that is sufficient and allows for any flexible styling.

However, that "base_path() . path_to_theme()" weirdness not only used in theme.inc, template.php, but also in various modules and theme functions.

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how can I call base_path() inside my template.php file???