Good news!

The theme has been re-worked from the ground up with the intention to make OpenG a delight for designers and lovers of clean code. We use this theme in all our projects and intend to continue supporting and improving on it ad-infinitum. Please download and upgrade to the latest 3x version. We'll keep adding tested updates to the 3x dev version before the next release and make sure that the dev version is usable.

I've always been uncomfortable with convenient solutions yet appreciate how much time certain conveniences can save. My biggest gripes with all in one convenient solutions are
- the lack of control and specific customization possibilities
- the uncertainty of the quality of code and architecture

With OpenG we did a complete overhaul of the code, integrating many suggested best practices for CSS code. We added lots of comments to the CSS, making it easy to read and edit. We also grouped the code into several files thereby providing a smoother theme customization/development process. The underlying PHP has been reviewed and optimized for performance. Template files have also been formatted and edited to make it easier to integrate your design into Drupal. We made performance, usability and SEO priorities in version 3.0

There are several useful development widgets and the companion module Opengrid UI is a pleasure to work with, allowing effortless manipulation of the grid. Please check out the readme.txt for more useful info about the theme.


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We're completing a few style updates and adding 3 new useful features to the theme settings ui. This will go out in the 3.1 which should be ready before April 8.

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3.1 came out much earlier than expected. It should appear within 24hours. yacu72 just created the tag. This release includes:

- several style updates for missing html elements
- several bug fixes and duplicate rules removed
- new comment form and comment output settings via theme-settings
-- hide (not verified) text for anonymous users
-- show/hide comment counter
-- show/hide subjects links
- template info file grid layout for 16 columns added
- default layout changed to 24 column grid

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See dev version for latest bug fixes. 3.2 to be released by the end of the week.